Michael Rosenberg wrote an article for Sports Illustrated that has a lot of UofL fans upset. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do. 

Here is my response to his article:

Michael Rosenberg...you, sir, are an idiot. Your yellow journalism report that states "Louisville has created and continues to nurture a culture that is dangerous to women" is as far-fetched and ridiculous as me claiming that I'm an astronaut and live on Mars.
I have had the great and wonderful privilege of writing about the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports over the last six years. I've been fortunate to interview and talk with hundreds of women student-athletes, coaches and fans of Women's Sports at UofL. I have seen some incredible moments and events related to UofL women's sports. I have never heard of anything that indicated that UofL is a dangerous place for women.
I have seen some dangerous situations in my years of coverage, though. Leaving Shoni Schimmel wide open beyond the three-point arc was very hazardous for an opponent. Kelsi Worrell terrorizes the competition in the water with her eye-popping times and victories. Taylor Bucklin dominates any shot attempts sent her way at goalie in Lynn Stadium. Trying to block a Lola Arsenbeckova kill attempt was a hazardous adventure for any foes' front line defenders. Trying to maneuver one-on-one against FIELD HOCKEY'S Victoria Stratton is very dangerous. Allowing Charlyn Corral to get a step ahead of you on the soccer field was fatal. Trying to prevent hard-charging Faye Brust from advancing a lacrosse ball in the box was risky business. Pitchers who tossed one high and over the middle of the plate to Alicia Wolny were in immediate peril of seeing that orb disappear over the right-field fence.

Danger? Standing too close to Emmonnie Henderson when she throws the shot put or discus is danger. 

Michael Rosenberg, you have not witnessed the friendship and love at a softball banquet or women's basketball meet and greet with the fans. You have not seen the community service of women's student-athletes reading to elementary school children. Where were you when Jeff Walz broke down emotionally when he spoke of the trials and tribulations of his nephew's devastating bout with a serious illness.
I'm not sure what Andre McGee did. I do know what the Schimmel sisters have done, though in the transition from the reservation to become two of the most strident and outspoken advocates for Native Americans and equality for all. I do know that your attempts to drag the women's sports programs into the investigation and demean them makes me furious.
You say Louisville is a dangerous place for women? I'd invite you to see the Louisville I know but I say Louisville would be a dangerous place for a obtuse and chauvinistic Michael Rosenberg.
Mr. Rosenberg:
-- You need to apologize to these hard-working, sacrificing, dedicated and beautiful women on this campus. Apologies are needed from you to Tom Jurich, Rick Pitino, Bobby Petrino and Dr. James Ramsey for the slander and accusation you have slung upon them.
-- Tom Jurich has spent 18 years working non-stop to promote Title IX. You probably think Title IX is some award given to a MMA participant.
-- Most importantly, you need to apologize to the Louisville community as a whole...for your mean-spirited and totally inaccurate portrayal of their university.
You speak of the need for Tom Jurich to clean house? I suggest that your employer needs to clean house and that you should be the first piece of trash that they deposit in the dumpster.
Sports Illustrated...you have become the National Enquirer of sports journalism.
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