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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Should Old Acquaintance be forgot -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple

A few things we'd like to see for 2015

As 2014 comes to an end, we've come up with a few things we'd like to see for 2015 when it comes to University of Louisville women's athletics. And...a few memories from 2014.  As the first line of the song Auld Lang Syne goes...Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot...a few things we'd like to forget from 2014 would include:

-- The beatings UConn WBB put on Louisville. A new conference, new hopes and aspirations. We say "bye-bye" to a few longstanding foes in Geno, USF, Rutgers and Cincy but expect that the UofL sports teams will run into them from time to time down the road. 

-- Watching Louisville softball pitching die on the vine at
the end of the season/start of the NCAA Tournament. Beating USF to take the AAC Tournament was special. Getting romped by LSU and Boston College...definitely forgettable. Coach P. has a few new arms. We hope they are strong and accurate ones.

-- Losing to Kentucky in women's soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball. We're glad they don't field teams in field hockey and lacrosse. We'll leave those disappointments in the past and hope for better results in 2015. . 


-- A return to the Final Four for women's basketball. If you close your eyes and think about's not that difficult of a wish to imagine. A strong conference run will be needed...but Duke, UNC and Florida State have all shown vulnerabilities and are beatable. Notre Dame is all that was expected...and Louisville must go there to play...but they have their weaknesses.  Walz warns that Louisville will take a few losses in the ACC. Looking at the schedule, I can see four...maybe five. 12-4 headed into ACC Tournament play would be very doable. 

-- Lacrosse continuing the upward climb. 2014 was a stellar season for Kellie Young's crew...the best in lacrosse history. There will be new challenges in the ACC. Tougher opponents and new venues...but this is a very solid, experienced and deep group of stick-holders that will toss that ball into the net. Turn loose the pocket book, Mr. Jurich and build a decent press box and a concession stand out there. Or move the games to the soccer stadium across the street. These girls deserve the best. 

-- Volleyball finding that passer or two and return to conference domination. If there's one sport that felt the lumps in moving to the was Anne Kordes' netters. We've touched on it time and time Katie George a chance to perform her magic as the setter starts by getting her the ball without having her do a 100 yd. dash to obtain it. A lot of the wide net girls are back, though...and a promising class comes in. We may never see the likes of a Caitlin Welch again in passing excellence...but we'd settle for a 90% duplicate.

We wish all sports at Louisville the best of the 2015 seasons that await. We could spend January watching Louisville go 8-0 in hoops. February would be fun if the wins continue and softball gets off to a strong start with lacrosse. March would be marvelous with WBB winning in the ACC Tournament and a strong strut through the NCAA Tournament. April would have the Cards celebrating another Final Four trip and softball and lacrosse atop the ACC. 

We'll stop at April. If Louisville can turn in that strong of a four month performance, we may be in need of smelling salts or a ammonia snap.

Whatever the outcome, it's a great time to be a Cardinal fan. It always is, you know...We look forward to hearing the crowd roar as another ACC opponent falls in the KFC YUM! Center. The celebrations on the lacrosse field after another LAX score. The ping of the bat and watching a Cardinal trot around the bases while we duck for cover behind the left field fence. We also wish soccer, field hockey, golf, tennis, rowing, track and field, cross country and swimming unparalleled successes in 2015. 

From Albiero to Walz...from Arica to Young...and all points in between, L1C4...Cardinal fans... and keep Al Greener's pep band busy playing the fight song after each score in 2015.

"You are a Cardinal. You became one on your own accord. Emulate the Cardinal Bird. A fierce and fearless protector that runs off bigger foes from its territory. Protect your turf. Be the one that they would like to be. Be the one that they fear.The C is for Champions Play like one anytime you take that field of honor. The A is for Academics. You are a student-athlete. The student comes first for a reason. The R is for Respect. Respect the game, the opponent and earn the oppositions' respect.  The D is for Dedication. 110% is what you strive for. The S stands for Success. Anytime you raise that "L" with your thumb and two fingers...remember what it means, and signifies...the proud tradition behind it and your duty to continue it. You are a Cardinal. "

(Author unknown) 




  1. Paulie, I would second your request for better facilities for lacrosse. I am looking forward to going out to some matches this spring but they do need access to concession. That is also one of my pet peeves about the softball venue - all the upgrades, which are great, but except for a few things at a table/cooler, you must leave the venue for restrooms and concessions. Charge everyone a couple of bucks for entry and give us some more facilities.

  2. For WBB see a 10-6 ACC record heading into the ACC tournament Losses are Fl St, Syracuse, Duke , NC , NDame and one more to anyone else. Those are the top 5 teams outside of us in the ACC We only play each of them once Teams we play twice Pitt and Virginia. Pitt surprisingly beat Ohio State earlier this year

  3. There is no way I see us losing to all of those teams. We will beat at least two of them. Which two I couldn't say.

  4. Regarding Hoopgurlz 2015 position ratings Cards recruits position ratings averaged a 7.2 position score which means we averaged recruiting the 7th highest ranked player at a position. Duke averaged a 6 position score. They averaged having the 6th best player at their position. Based on 5 players recruited for each team. For instance Asia Durr was #1 point guard.
    Angela Salvadores (Duke) was behind her at #2 ranked point guard at her position.
    Overall we had 36 position points and Duke had 30.


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