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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Checking the E-mails (or...Why did I click on that?) -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple


We get e-mails at Cardinal Couple. Oh, yeah...

Although the comments section of our articles gets a fair bit of responses, the e-mails to 
gets plenty of play. Helping me check and reading e-mails is one of Sonja's roles as our operations manager. She ear-marks the ones she thinks I'll want to respond to and handles the rest as needed. I'm not real sure, but I think she's having an on-line affair with Tommie Copper and S.E Davis and Sons. 

I've wondered from time-to-time why e-mails far outweigh comments. Maybe it's because we don't have a message board. Maybe it's because some people don't want their thoughts, comments or observation for viewing in a public forum. Maybe it's because you have to pass a captcha test to leave a comment. Whatever the reason, it's jolly good fun to receive them, comment on them and we really do get some great ideas and article forwards. We appreciate them all. Except the two guys mentioned above and their sons who are engaging in online hanky-panky with my bride.

If I ever catch you guys out in public, I may deliver a knuckle sandwich with the hand bearing my wedding ring (I got a 
great deal on it at S.E Davis...
the Sons weren't around) 
or kick you with my compression sleeved leg. 

Or have "E" post up against you
in the paint.

So, what are the topics of reader e-mail interest these days? The furor of the Kentucky loss is simmering down a bit and that's a good thing. One e-mail I'll share (and these will all be share as 'anonymous') from a concerned fan:

" Doesn't Jeff Walz know how to play a zone? That and inserting Sherrone Vails to block a few shots would have saved that Kentucky game for Louisville." 

We had a few like that in similar vein. We've responded by
commenting that the points in the paint were pretty evenly matched and Louisville had 12 more rebounds that UK. The telling stats? 28 Cards turnovers and UK wins the points off turnovers battle 27-13. 

We've also been getting some comments on UofL's marketing department and a perceived lack of informing fans about promotions. Especially the ugly sweater night. This e-mail sums up a lot of these e-mails we are receiving: 

"Our marketing / promotional 
efforts just are seriously sad My 
friend and I have 4 season tickets / received no notice.  This is 
pretty standard operating 
procedure for those with 
the team.   Have no idea what background these people 
have but why have a promotion that your fans have to seek out to learn they exist? 
UK women's folks could school ours - seriously.

As a fan with 2 season tickets - that rarely even goes to a
game - I am treated well.

I am sent letters, e- mails... For not only basketball eventsbut also for upcoming other women's teams.  
My tickets comes in this nice tear off booklet instead of a mess of stuff held together with a paper clip.   

Some other subjects we've received are:

--  Why does the Kroger Crew get a
 louder fan response
 than the on court action?

--  Why does Sara Hammond do "that silly" pre-game 
introduction sequence?

--  Is Sean Moth married?

--  Why wasn't the Louisville v. Cincinnati series continued?

--  Why doesn't Arica Carter smile more?

--  Does Walz need psychiatric help to help him beat UK? 

--  Why doesn't CARDINAL COUPLE have any women writers?

--  Why does Jeff Walz make so much money?

--  Why don't you change the music on your radio show? 

These are honest-to-God topics 
we've been sent. I think 
they're coming from Tommie Copper and S.E. Davis and his
sons to try and confuse and 
intimidate me...

Obviously, we don't have all the answers and sometimes to speculate and respond to some of these queries isn't our 
cross to bear. They can be entertaining,'s onethat Sonja got a big kick out of:

"Paulie...we like your site and read it often. We see where you sit during games and like watching you during them. 
Just a suggestion...shave your beard off."

( Not going to happen...I grow it each
Doesn't need a beard
 winter & Sonja likes my beard but it is 
nice to know I have a potential stalker 
group out there. Are you the same guys
who were following me around Target the other night? )

Anyway, keep those e-mails coming. I  skim through them 
every morning way before most of you are awake and 
address a couple before getting ready for work.

This especially goes out to you 
insightful and knowledgeable UK fans.
 I never realized how horrible every 
aspect of UofL sports was until you 
pointed it out to me.

We'll break down the Cards next the
Thursday edition of CARDINAL COUPLE. Unless the e-mails 
strongly advise against it...of course.



  1. Who cares if Arica Carter doesn't smile much. She's cute. I wish she still wore those pig tails during games

    1. I haven't checked for sure, but I think Arica has worn her hair differently for every game so far. So I guess the pig tails could still make a return.

  2. Pretty Funny. I had no idea there was this volume of email going back and forth. Folks should post more of their opinions here.

  3. I confine my posted comments to those which i don't believe will put negative focus on the players, coaches or program. I may have thoughts which i send to CC for consideration or opinion which is of no benefit to UL or those associated with it. I absolutely do not want to be a part of anything like what is said on Duke's message board. No way that the Duke players benefit from the negative stuff that is posted

  4. Was watching Wichita St vs Tenn and Oregon St vs NC yesterday. Alex Harden of Wichita St is tremendous and Oregon St guards had no problem with NC's pressure. There is a lot more quality in the #10-25 ranked teams and 25-35 than previous years. I'm surprised by how many teams have a good quality #1 player too.

    1. Exactly. Stanford and Cal are in trouble when they play Oregon State. I thought Wichita State was going to take Tenn down. Almost got it done. Given the respective talent levels Wichita State just put themselves on the map.

  5. Why does Jeff Walz get paid so much????? Has this person seen his record, do they know that he keeps going deep into the NCAA tournament, would this person ask the same about Pitino, who gets paid maybe 5 or 6 times as much plus promotional fee and other incentives?

    1. True enough. That said, the MBB brings tens of millions of dollars into the university and athletic department. It basically pays for all of the other UofL sports programs on both men's and women's sides. The WBB program revenue doesn't even come close to covering Walz's salary not to mention other program expenses. That's just math.

      I think everyone that is a serious WCBB fan likes Walz. He's a hellava coach. I'm not from Kentucky so I've got no horse in this race but it seems to me like the big issue continues to be getting schooled by UK on the WBB side for the last four years. I don't think it will change till the Lady Cards win one. At that point no one will care what Walz earns as long as the men's program covers the losses of the women's program.

  6. I can't speak for Paulie but I do know enough about Jeff/Worldwide to know that he puts in consider time and effort in being knowledgeable about women's athletics at UofL. He follows players on Twitter, keeps up with FB postings, goes to as many out-of-town events as possible and generally tries to establish face-to-face relationships with players and coaches. Would Paulie and Jeff like to have a woman contribute to the blog? My guess is, yes. If you're a woman and want to put in the effort, contact Paulie. To others, please note that there have been posts in the past by women and that Jenny was a regular on the broadcast for some time.

    1. On the woman situation...we've been blessed and fortunate to have three very good and knowledgeable women write for us in the history of Cardinal Couple. Sonja is operations manager now and has retired from writing. Jenny stays extremely busy with a career, side business, kiddo and life. Sandy sends me all kinds of informative links and article, plus shares observations with us via e-mail. We consider all three a valuable part of Cardinal Couple in their own unique way and the door is open and has always been open for all three if they choose to submit an article.

      Would we like another woman writer? Sure! It would mean I'd get a break once a week from doing an article. As Viv said...if you have the interest, shoot me an e-mail.



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