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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Louisville women's sports in the ACC ..So, how's it going? -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple

Cards women's sports not quite at .500 in ACC Play

What a difference a year makes. 

We wanted to do a check on how the fall women's sports at UofL were doing against ACC competition. For the statistics we used the three primary women's fall sports that are engaged in ACC play against a solo opponent in events...Field Hockey, Volleyball and Soccer. 

When we start getting results from the spring competiton, we'll see how women's basketball, softball, lacrosse and tennis are doing. 

Since rowing, track and field, golf, cross country and swimming/diving usually participate in multi-team events, we won't include them in the statistical totals. They will occasionally meet an ACC foe in these events and there will be Conference Championships to compete in...we'll see how the Cards do in these. 

Against conference opponents this fall,  here's how the three fared in the ACC: 

SOCCER           3-5-2

It's a total of 13 wins, 20 losses and 2 far. Last season in AAC and BIG EAST play -- the three schools went

Tougher league, tougher opponents...

The breakdown so far by opponent:

BOSTON COLLEGE:  The Cards are 0-3, losing in Field Hockey, Volleyball and Soccer.

CLEMSON:  Louisville is 1-0...with a Volleyball win. 

DUKE:  UofL is 1-1-1. They defeated the Blue Devils in Field Hockey, tied in Soccer and lost in Volleyball

FLA STATE:  Cards are 0-2...losing in Soccer and Volleyball.

GA. TECH:  Louisville is 1-0 with a Volleyball victory

MIAMI:  UofL stands at 0-1-1...a tie in Soccer and defeat in Volleyball

NORTH CAROLINA:  The slate is even at 1-1. Field Hockey got a win...Volleyball took a loss. 

NC STATE:  2-0 with wins in Soccer and Volleyball

NOTRE DAME:  The Cards go 1-2 currently. A Volleyball win and Volleyball a loss in Soccer. 

PITTSBURGH:  Louisville has a 1-2 record with a win in Soccer and two losses in Volleyball. 

SYRACUSE:  Give UofL a 3-1 mark. They've won twice in Volleyball, won in Soccer and lost in Field Hockey.

VIRGINIA:  0-4 to the Cavs with two losses in Volleyball, a loss in Soccer and Field Hockey loss as well.

VA. TECH:  1-1 with a Soccer loss and Volleyball win. 

WAKE FOREST:  Louisville is at 1-2. A win and loss in Field Hockey and Volleyball loss. 

We all expected there would be an adjustment phase and learning curve. ACC Volleyball, Soccer and Field Hockey rank near the top (if not at the top) in conference strength and ranking in the NCAA. For example: 

-- SIX ACC schools played in the NCAA Field Hockey Championships. Two reached the Final Four.

-- Six ACC schools were selected for the NCAA Women's Soccer Championships. Two are in the Final Four.

-- Four ACC schools are in the upcoming NCAA Volleyball Championships. 

Inspiration for coaches Sowry, Ferguson-Dayes and Kordes to continue to recruit the best and play for success. A reminder, perhaps, to coaches Walz, Pearsall, Young and Beckham....who went a combined 39-10 in conference play last year...that the in-conference foes ahead will be challenging and their players must be ready. 

The goal of all these sports is to compete for a national championship. You've got to do pretty well in the conference to get a shot at that.   

We're not in the AAC or BIG EAST anymore. Get ready for the upgrade in competition and caliber of opponents. 



  1. I think that the first 2-3 seasons in all sports (women's and men's) will go a long way toward determining where the Cardinals will be long-term in the ACC pecking order. Back when Jurich hired Petrino, my comment was that, if we had been staying in the Big East / AAC, Jurich might not have felt it necessary to take the "risk" and PR-hit associated with that hire. But with the move to the ACC, Cardinal football has a few years to determine whether it will be in the FL State/Clemson/Ga Tech group or in the mid-pack Duke/NC/Virginia group. So you take the Petrino "risk" as the best hope to win now and build momentum.

    I think the same holds true for other sports. Obviously no problem with women's and men's basketball and with men's baseball - all three are top-level programs with national clout and lots of recruiting momentum - but for the other sports, these next few years will go a long way toward determining where they end up longer-term. I think we have the right coaches and staff in place but recruiting will be key. ACC membership should aid in that.

  2. Good video from Iowa's coach and players. They're looking for some payback.


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