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Monday, April 9, 2012

MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE...Golf, Tennis, Softball and Mercedes


-Women's golf finishes 16th in North Carolina

-Women's tennis falls to Tulsa

-Softball in the BIG EAST

-Mercedes narrows list

-Kentucky Derby Festival Basketball Classic needs a overhaul

-"Rally around Bobby" planned

The Louisville women's golf team finished their three-day meet in Browns Summit, NC with a 16th place finish in the Bryan National Collegiate tournament. They posted a team score of 941 for the 54 hole event. Tennessee won with a score of 882, defeating Duke in a playoff. 

Emily Haas is from West Jessamine HS
Senior Candice Wiley led the Cards with a 73 in the final round. Her three-day total of 232 matched that of Louisville freshman Emily Haas, who fired a 77 Sunday.  

Red shirt freshman Katie Petrino carded a 81 on the final day and finished three strokes back of Haas and Wiley for the three days with a 235. Freshman Sara Karlsson's 80 on Sunday gave her a 245 total. Maria Castallanos toured the final round with a 78...good for a 247. 

A lot of youth contributing on this year's team. Last year's leader Anna-Karin Llungstrom should be back from thumb surgery to compete in the BIG EAST Championship April 23-25 in Orlando, FL.


Rough outing for Louisville tennis yesterday in the Bass-Rudd Center, falling to #26 Tulsa 7-0. 

"We ran into a very good team today. Sometimes you just have to give credit to your opponent for playing so well." --UofL head women's tennis coach Mark Beckham. 

Fellerhoff lost 6-3,1-6,6-3 Sunday
Julia Fellerhoff took her singles opponent to three sets before falling. The rest the Cardinal singles participants went down in straight sets. The loss snapped a five-match UofL winning streak. Louisville is 10-8 for the season. The BIG EAST Championships are three weeks away and Beckham indicated that the Cards might be a squad no one wants to face because of their improvement since the season began.


Louisville softball is among the statistical leaders in quite a few categories in BIG EAST softball this season. Here are some of the categories that Sandy Pearsall's squad (33-2) top the league in and the BIG EAST standings as of 4/7/12. 


Batting average..............1. Louisville (.318)
Slugging percentage........1. Louisville (.484)
Doubles........................1. Louisville (52)
Triples..........................1. Louisville (13)
Hits..............................2. Louisville (291)


Opp. batting average.......1. Louisville (.171)
Strikeouts......................2. Louisville (249)
ERA..............................2. Louisville (1.26)


Batting average...............1. Kristin Austin (.407)
                                        10. Taner Fowler (.359)
Hits...............................1. Kristin Austin (44)
Runs.............................1.Kristin Austin (30)
Triples...........................1.Kristin Austin (7)


ERA...............................2. Chelsea Leonard (1.06)
                                         5. Tori Collins (1.25)
                                         7. Caralisa Connell (1.55)


USF  8-0, 35-5                      Providence 4-4, 13-21
Notre Dame 3-0, 19-10         Pittsburgh 3-6, 20-17
Syracuse 5-1, 24-9               St. John's 2-5, 14-21
DePaul 5-1, 21-12                 Villanova 0-6, 25-12
Louisville 6-2, 33-2               Seton Hall 0-6, 18-21
Connecticut 6-3, 17-14          Georgetown 0-6, 15-23
Rutgers 5-5, 15-20


2013 UofL women's basketball target Mercedes Russell has named the ten school that are in the running for her services. An impressive list, for sure. 
The Springfield, OR star is the #1 ranked recruit for the 2013 class and from what we've seen of her on video, it's a just and fair assessment. Click the link below to see who "made her cut". 

Top 10 for Russell


Quite frankly, the Kentucky Derby Festival committee has dropped the ball on this event. Other high school Classic events have become more popular and the festival's inability to land UK future stars has killed the attendance. 

Also, moving the event to Thurs-Fri hasn't helped. Pulling the Night of the Future Stars from Bellarmine University and sending it to New Albany High School was disappointing as well. We understand the reasoning, since several future IU ballers were taking part in the slam dunk, three point shooting and 2 on 2 competitions...but it isn't the "New Albany/IU Night of Future Stars" and more than a few probably chose not to cross the Sherman Minton bridge and watch. 

Add a girls game to the event. 
Maybe having just one UofL future star hurt attendance. Maybe they need to ADD A WOMEN'S GAME to the activities -- like the top Classics do. Maybe they need new leadership, organizational staffing and a hook-up with a major sponsor. Maybe they're tired of our advice...but the numbers don't lie.

WE didn't attend this year. It's the first time we've missed this annual event in over 20 years. And, honestly...besides not getting together with friends we usually attend with...we didn't miss it.

Also, we used to receive several e-mails each year from the marketing folks who promote the Classic...some well in advance of the two-day event...with news, features and stories. Those disappeared this year, too. 

Get a new strategy, KDF. This used to be one of the top two post-season high school basketball classics. 

It isn't anymore. 


Finally, supporters of embattled University of Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino have planned a support rally Monday night at 7 p.m. in front of the university administration building. We couldn't pass on this. 

Here's the "Top 10" on the rally. 

10. Supporters leave notes taped to the steps explaining why they didn't show up

9. Everyone shows up on motorcycles with 25 yr. old blondes riding on the back.

8. Bobby shows up nailed to a cross and wearing a crown of hog tusks.

7. The movie Pinocchio is shown immediately after the support rally.

6. Louisville and Atlanta Falcons fans hold a counter-rally at the Fayetteville airport. (In secrecy, of course)

5. John L. Smith is flown in from Weber State just in case things get out of control.

4. A blonde, vestal virgin from the football staff is sacrificed at the rally. 

3. Feeling slighted, the University of Arkansas basketball team schedules a "Support Mike Anderson" rally at the same time over at the basketball arena.

2. Former UofL women's basketball coach Tom Collen shows up on a moped not wearing a helmet. 

1. It's a hoax...designed to draw attention away from Petrino's secret decision to become the new head coach at UK. 

1 comment:

  1. Petrino is a piece of work. Can him. Here is what former Seneca and Waggener head football coach Louis Dover says about him:

    "As a coach, he's a genius, one of the elite minds. Personally, well, he's a good coach."

    Dover tells of the D.J Kamer incident also. Kamer played football at UofL and at Waggener for Dover.

    "Petrino tried to persuade D.J. not to attend the funeral of a friend where Kamer was asked to be a pall-bearer. He was very disappointed D.J. was going to miss practice. He didn't say 'You can't go.' He said 'I guess you don't want to play football here.'

    Here is my Petrino story. I help with underprivileged kids on a volunteer basis. We hold an annual fund-raiser for them and a banquet. We asked Petrino if he would consider being a guest speaker at the banquet. This was three months in advance and in May, after Derby and spring football practice. It is an event that John L. Smith, Ron Cooper and Howard Schnellenberger had participated in when they were head coaches at Louisville. Bobby's reply:

    "No, I'm not good at stuff like that and don't enjoy doing it. Call my secretary and we'll send a signed football or something."

    I did make that call. I was told that 'it would be taken care of'. That football never arrived. I ended up going to a sporting goods store, buying a football and driving down to the UofL Football offices to see if it could be signed the day of the banquet. We had advertised it as an item for silent auction.

    Petrino wasn't around but a person I will not name assured me that they could forge his signature "to a 'T'" and signed it.

    I hope you get what you deserve, Bobby.


    -- Little Eddie


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