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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Truth be told...Paul would rather have
Moonlight barbecue instead of hot dogs
Today the Louisville Softball Team plays a doubleheader in South Orange, N.J. against Seton Hall . Game times are Noon and 2pm.   Tomorrow the two teams meet at 11am.   Then, on Wednesday 4/25 the team travels to Bloomington to play Indiana at 2pm before returning home  for their final 3 home games next weekend.

The team is Nationally ranked (9th) and is currently in first place in the Big East. Their record is 40-2 (11-2 Big East).

So hurry!  Time is running out and the regular season is winding down.  Last chance to catch the Louisville Cardinal Softball  team at home during the regular season. Only 3 home games left-- A doubleheader is scheduled for Saturday 4/28 against Georgetown at 2pm and 4pm.  On Sunday 4/29 the teams square off at 1pm.

Why go?  Well, the price is right.  A ticket will cost $0.  Actually--you don't need a ticket.  Just walk in Ulmer Stadium and sit where you like--- except for the press box. That spot is reserved for Co-Owner & senile Senior Columnist of Cardinal Couple Paul Sykes.  Yes, if you  are lucky you just might see Paul aimlessly wandering around the stadium asking patrons if they could buy him a cup of coffee and a couple hot dogs.  Don't be surprised as  you walk to the concession stand to fulfill his request you hear him enthusiastically exclaim:  "Don't worry about the condiments!!".... (As he pulls out 50 mustard packets he's collected from various fast food restaurants and a 64oz bottle of Heinz ketchup from his back pocket). And if by chance he forgets how to get back to the press box he would appreciate any of our faithful readers to point him in the right direction. 

And if you are lucky, you just might see a couple players from the Women's Basketball team supporting the team.  Becky, Jude, and Shoni have been known to attend many of the games. (Don't buy them any hot dogs---that would be an NCAA violation).  So take in a softball game next weekend.  The games are fast moving, exciting, and best of all free.

Commish Mark

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  1. I have it on good authority that Paul is a Chicago Dog fan, so sliced dill pickles, sauerkraut and chili and onions would be his choices.

    Joe Hill


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