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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Go Cards!

Saturday Cardinal Couple

We hope everyone has a great Saturday following the
UofL sports of their choosing. WE'RE taking Saturday off from the site (we can do that...we own it)

Whether it's the softball double-header at Ulmer today, the Spring Football game...or any of the other UofL events taking place today... 


We'll see you Sunday...GO CARDS and L1C4.

David Watson has the call today.

Paul and Sonja


Our short withdrawal from women's basketball is almost over. The WNBA will be kicking in beginning on Saturday, May 5th. which is also Derby Day. Monday night they'll have their draft.

There are eight players that I think will get their names called for certain. The draft goes three rounds -- so more than eight will be drafted, obviously, but the eight that I have listed below will probably be in or around the top ten.

Nnemkadi Ogwumike - Stanford
Shenise Johnson - Miami, FL
Glory Johnson - Tennessee
Shennika Stricklen - Tennessee
Devereaux Peters - Notre Dame
Natalie Novosel - Notre Dame
Tiffany Hayes - Connecticut
LaSondra Barrett - LSU

Where they'll go is anybody's guess. 

The picking order in the first round is:

1. Los Angeles               7. New York
2. Seattle                   8. Washington
3. Minnesota                 9. Connecticut
4. Tulsa                     10. Washington
5. San Antonio               11. Indiana
6. Phoenix                   12. Minnesota

I'll go way out on a limb here and venture that Ogwumike goes to Los Angeles. I'm brave that way. After that, I haven't a clue. I like the Indiana team and I hope that Devereaux Peters is still available when they get their turn to pick. 

Unfortunately, I do not think Louisville favorite Becky Burke gets drafted. It wouldn't bother me to be wrong about that, though. Do you remember that last two players from the Louisville women's team to be drafted in the WNBA? I'll give you five options. If you want to put your answer to Paul or Sonja in an e-mail or the comments section here, feel free.

I'm not giving away a prize or anything. Unless you want an unopened bottle of car wax my wife bought on the clearance shelf a few years ago that I haven't got around to using.
You pay shipping, though. I got one headed to college this fall and I'm counting every dime.

Which two were the last two Cards to get drafted in the WNBA? : 

1) Angel McCoughtry and Chauntise Wright
2) Keisha Hines and Brandie Raddie
3) Angel McCoughtry and Candyce Bingham
4) Sara Nord and Connie Neal
5) Angel McCoughtry and Jazz Covington


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