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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unveristy of Louisville WBB to spend 10 days in Canada...


-Lady Cards will be in Vancouver, Whistler in British Columbia

-Just how well do you know Cardinal WBB?

-Churchill Downs ends Spring Meet

The Louisville women's basketball team will spend 10 days in British Columbia, Canada...leaving Louisville on August 4th. and arriving first at Whistler, British Columbia. They'll stay in the former 2010 Olympic city from August 6-10. Next up is Vancouver, where the Cards will be in town from Aug 11-15. Should give Shoni and Jude Schimmel fans a chance to come up from the Portland and Umatilla areas and see the girls in action. Wonder if Mercedes Russell will use her passport and head north to watch the scrimmages?

Olympic symbol in Whistler
Whistler held several events during the 2010  Winter Olympics...including the luge and bobsled. The area has several skiing resorts and is a large vacation and holiday destination. Stay away from the skis, Mo!

Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada and has many tourist and scenic attractions. One that we really enjoyed in a visit there several years ago are the beautiful Butchard Gardens. Located on Victoria Island, they have incredible rose gardens...which should be right at their peak during the time the team is in the area. 55 acres of beautiful gardens and easy walking paths line the property.

General Motors Arena in Vancouver. The NBA Grizzlies played there
until 2001.  
No schedule out yet on who Louisville will face during the trip.

Louisville should benefit greatly from the preseason chance to get in several basketball games before the schedule gets underway. Opportunities like this give the coaches a chance to see how the team performs on the road and to juggle lineups and players. The competition level probably won't be as strong as they might face in an early season tournament or classic...but still provides a series of games to build on before they begin the official schedule.


We hope you had a great 4th of July weekend and are refreshed and well-rested...because it's time to get busy again and get ready for the fall women's sports schedule at UofL. We've got a little quiz here about the Lady Cards for you today...good luck and no cheating!

1) Louisville women's basketball's first season was:
Did Monty Hall do play by play
radio for the Lady Cards?
a) 1990-91
b) 1975-76
c) 1955-56
d) 1898-99

2) Which of these people did not coach UofL women's basketball?
a) Terry Hall
b) Bud Childers
c) Donald Driver
d) Peggy Fiehrer

Did Elvis ever perform at
Sacred Heart Academy?
3) Which of these places is not a place where UofL has played home games?
a) Cardinal Arena
b) Sacred Heart Academy
c) Bellarmine College
d) Broadbent Arena

4) Louisville went 4-24 in 1998-99. Which of the teams did Louisville get a win against?
a) Eastern Kentucky
b) Morehead State
c) Austin Peay
d) Cal Poly Pomona

5) Only one Lady Card has recorded a quadruple-double in a game. Who was it?
a) Angel McCoughtry
b) Sara Nord
c) Marla Inman Eltrevoog
d) Jackie Spencer

6) The highest finish in the Associated Press Poll for Louisville was seventh. What year?
a) 2000
b) 1991
c) 2009
d) 2008

7) Which of these ACC schools has never played Lady Cards?
a) Clemson
b) Wake Forest
c) Miami
d) Duke

Have the Huskies ever lost to Louisville? We know Muffet has.
8) Which of these teams has never lost to the Lady Cards? 
a) Connecticut
b) Kentucky
c) Georgia
d) Maine

9) Which of these players is not on the current Lady Cards roster?
a) Shawnta Dyer
b) Asia Taylor
cLaura Sweeney
d) Shelby Harper

Has Mo scored a 1000 points yet?
10) Which of these Lady Cards are not a member of the 1,000 point club?
a) Gwen Doyle
b) Jazz Covington
c) Sonia Jenkins
d) Monique Reid did you do....?

(Answers below)


Churchill Downs ended their Spring Meet with a bang on the 4th of July...some comments on the meet:

- More night racing, please! The event(s) bring in a ton of people, it's a fun and festive evening and it's really something to see the horses run under the lights. It's even rumored a few of the Lady Cards got out to enjoy the spectacle. Reports that Shoni rode in a race are unfounded, though. (She would have probably won, though).

-Julian Leparoux was the leading rider...winning 53 of his 209 races. 

-We had a great final day at the Twin Spires...celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday. Hit three pick 3's on the day and scored big on the final two races with WISE DAN  in the 10th...$30.60 to win...and CHILLED in the 11th...$55.00 to place...for our favorite trainer Paul McGee.
. the quiz answers...


1)  B. The Lady Cards inaugural season was 1975-76. They went 12-11.
2)  C. Donald Driver plays football for Green Bay.
3)  B  Louisville has never played a home game at Sacred Heart Academy
4)  C. Austin Peay lost 75-65 to the Cards. Good job if you got this one right!
5)  D. Jackie Spencer with 14 points, 12 assists, 12 boards and 10 steals against Cincinnati
6)  C. 2009...the Cards went 34-5.
7)  B   Wake Forest and the Lady Cards have never played.
8)  C  Georgia is 2-0 lifetime against Louisville
9)  C  Laura Sweeney (Villanova) 
10 C  Sonia Jenkins  

9-10 correct.  You know your Lady Cards. Report to sports information immediately!

7-8 correct.  Not bad. Have a seat next to Shelby Harper on the Cardinal bench

5-6 correct.  So-so. Start reading Cardinal Couple daily and take notes.

3-4 correct.  Report to study hall and put away the 4G network! 

1-2 correct.  Lace up the shoes and start running the steps at the KFC YUM! 

0 correct.  You must have picked "A" each time. (None of the answers were "A")

(And Monty never did play by play for
Louisville. He was the emcee on
"Let's Make A Deal")

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