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Friday, July 22, 2011

Lady Cards will be "winging it" just fine this season.

DAVID WATSON LOOKS AT LADY CARD WINGS (hold the dipping sauce)

Hi, again Cardinal Couple!

David Watson here while Paul and Sonja are out tracking the
source of the Mississippi River. They did send me a couple of neat pictures to share with
Sonja (left) prepares to find the Mississippi

We discussed the UofL wealth of back court talent the last time I was on here. Today we will take a look at the "wing" spot or the "3" as it is known. With the way the game goes, you never really know what will consist of a wing player. We looked at last year's majority starting lineup and it seemed that Mo Reid was the "wing" or "3" and Asia Taylor was the "4" or strong forward. So, we'll start with Reid, an upcoming senior who is but one of two Lady Cards on the roster to play in the FINAL FOUR, slotted in as the wing.

And there it is! From Lake Itasca
You've seen Mo play. She isn't particularly known for bombing from the wing but is one of the best in the nation at penetrating the paint and backing down an opponent to score from close inside. Will she be ready to go at full force after the hamstring injury? If not, the job and/or backup time could go to sophomore Antonita Slaughter or even incoming freshman Sara Hammond. We know that Slaughter can drill from outside. We've seen Hammond do the same. Hammond, as well as Slaughter, can play multiple positions and Reid doesn't look shakable from the wing, so unless a hamstring keeps her off the court or Walz experiments with bringing Mo off the bench again (a move we never fully understood) we're putting Reid - who was last year's leading scorer- at the wing.

We'll look at the Lady Cards front line in a couple of days.


AS you've seen in the comments sections here, there might be talks in progress for the Lady Cards to have a scrimmage on the Umatilla Reservation before playing the Canadian teams this August.

Make it so, but make sure those bozos at the NCAA give it a blessing. They've hit the University of Louisville athletic programs with some pretty strange and bizarre stuff over the years. No reason to give them an excuse, better to let them bless the event.

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  1. I'm hoping this upcoming season Mo in her senior year gets what she started out to get in her freshman year ... "The NCAA Championship!!" If Mo has developed a consistent 12ft jumper then I believe she'll be ready for a name change. How about MONEY! Or Mo Money!

    As for Slaughter, she needs to be a better defensive player with some urgency. She's got an offensive game but so does Hammond, who could jump her for playing time cause she's a better defensive player. In any case, UofL has the offense & some defense. It's the TO's & Rebounding I'm concerned with!!


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