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Friday, July 29, 2011

Move the NCAA WBB Tourney back a week?

-NCAA considering a move?

-Don't look now but someone woke up Atlanta

Good Friday morning to Cardinal Couple readers! David Watson here with probably my last column for a few days. Paul and Sonja should be back in the
batting cage with a Sunday column for you. Talked to the "big guy" last night
and even with him in the stands in Milwaukee, the Cubbies couldn't get the deal done, losing to the Brewers 4-2.

Thanks for checking in while they've been gone and it's always a pleasure to write for this site. Hopefully, you've been kept entertained.



Should the NCAA move the women's basketball tournament back a week to gain more exposure and to reduce overlap with the men's tournament? The D-1 women's basketball committee has requested a comprehensive feasibility study.

I asked a former D-1 women's assistant basketball coach his feelings on the subject and here's how that went:

(David) "What would be some of the implications if the NCAA does this?"

(Coach) "You have a lot of things to consider with a proposed move like this. Do you move the entire schedule also? Conference tournaments, when teams can start practice, recruiting calender just to name a few items."

(David) "What are some of the benefits of a move, if it were to happen?"

(Coach) "You avoid running into competing with the men's final, obviously. That's the main one. But, your weekend of going from 16 teams to 4, which is actually my favorite weekend, then goes up against the men's FINAL FOUR in all probability. That's going to take a substantial amount of viewers away. Let's face it, die-hard women's basketball fans are going to watch, attend and follow. But, if the idea is to gain more fans, more ratings and exposure-do you do this?" You've also got TV to think about. ESPN would have to chime in because they've got the contract one more year, I think. Would they go for it again or go after the men's tournament?"

(David) "Are you in favor of such a move?"

(Coach) "If I was still coaching I would be. If I was with a team lucky enough to get to the FINAL FOUR, it would mean that we would have ALL the media attention, not just splitting it with the men. As a fan, it would make things easier. Let's say both teams of the school I cheer for makes the tournament. It means I can go watch the men play during their first two games. The next week, I could go watch the ladies play in their first two games and if the men were still alive, maybe even squeeze their games in also. So, I guess you could say I'm in favor of it. I never was a coach on a team that made it past the first round game, though."

How do you feel about the possibility of moving the tournament, the season back a week?  You can use the comments section here or e-mail the site at


Don't look now but the Atlanta Dream have won their last five games in a row and are mid-pack in the Eastern Division of the WNBA. Almost at .500. Looks like they've figured out again that when you get the ball to Angel, good things happen. A healthy Sancho Lyttle will only help in the second half of the season. Allison Bales isn't the answer in the post. Angel getting 20+ a game is.

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