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Friday, July 8, 2011

BIG EAST WBB to go to 18 games in 2012-13




Get ready for some changes in the 2012-13 BIG EAST Women's Basketball schedule. I know, you're thinking, can't we play the 2011-12 season first before they start monkeying around with things? New BIG EAST Associate Commissioner for Women's Basketball...Danielle Donehew...has a way of jumping right into things, though...whether they make sense, are right or not.

The BIG EAST commissioner tells Dorothy
she has to add two league games.
18 league games will be the new schedule for the 17 BIG EAST school in 2012-13. This is an increase of two league games from the current conference schedule. TCU joins the league in 2012-13. All schools will play each other once, then there will be two schools that will play each other twice. Repeat opponents will continue to be determined on a year-to-year basis by the conference staff and they will use the criteria of attractive television inventory, competitive issues, RPI implications, geographical issues and minimizing travel costs. 

Hold on one daggone the words of cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw. The original reason that a "mirror" opponent was added in the beginning was to give school and equal amount of home games and away games, right? 16 teams, 15 conference games...adding one game gave each school eight home and eight away games. Now, with the addition of TCU, 17 teams, 16 games...and (hold the presses) let's bump it up to nine home games and nine away.

Makes perfect sense to us. While we're at it, let's just make it an even twenty and let the conference members decide just who they'd like play twice. (Seton Hall and Cincinnati are going to get a lot of phone calls). Maybe they could let Geno draw up the schedule each year for the BIG EAST. Maybe I could be commissioner for a few days....

Danielle non-sequiters away the reason for the change:

"The change in the conference schedule reflects the growth of BIG EAST women's basketball. As the league grows, we need to adapt in order to create the best presentation of our teams and to showcase the depth and talent of the league."

(Yep...that Tuesday night game between Villanova and TCU will sure do that...)

Let's re-word Danielle's statement for her and see how it flies...

"The change in the conference schedule reflects that the BIG EAST Football conference got a chance to add a powerhouse (TCU) and then for no apparent reason, I decided to add a couple of women's basketball conference games because I can...I'm the commish." 


UofL volleyball season tickets went on sale Thursday and it is a sweet deal if you like volleyball. 12 games for $55 and six of them in the KFC YUM! Center. Don't want to go to Cardinal Arena to watch? There is also a six-pack package out there for just the KFC YUM! games...$30 bucks gets you in the downtown arena with a reserved seat for the six games.  

Volleyball in the KFC YUM!..will they pack the place?
Youth (3-18) get in a lot cheaper and faculty/staff members get a price cut also.

You can download a form from to get your seats or wait till the end of July and order them over the phone from the UofL Ticket Office.

Good competition ahead for the home games...10 of the 12 home opponents made it to the NCAA tournament last year.

CARDINAL COUPLE Director of Nonsense and Wagering Tommy Boy weighed in on the move...

"I'll go. I think the move to KFC YUM! will be a great move for UofL. More fans will have access to the games, more concession areas are available than at Cardinal Arena and the only real question that remains is if they'll open the lower level bars and beer stands.."

Hmmm...weekend volleyball with beer involved? Reminds us of our days in the novice league at St. Martha.

New volleyball coach Anne Kordes has a wealth of talent returning from last year's BIG EAST Tournament Championship team and it all begins in the YUM! on Sept. 23rd. when St. John rolls into town.


  1. They had to add the extra games in order for everyone to play everyone and for everyone to have an equal number of repeat opponents since there is now an odd number of teams in the league. Should make for an interesting season!

  2. Why the repeat opponents?


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