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Saturday, December 18, 2010



-In flight to Tampa
Welcome to the in flight version of CARDINAL COUPLE. Delta offers free wi-fi, so why not?
MArky-MArk (pictured right) is on the flight with me, but not sitting near me. Instead, I have a businessman to my left and a delightful young lady to my right named Julia. We have been talking about the bowl game, she's headed to Tampa too.
The sun is beginning to come up and we are high above the clouds. There are a lot of UofL fans on this flight to Atlanta...changing planes there to go to Tampa.
This afternoon, the LADY CARDS play Marist in Vegas in the Duel in the Desert Classic. The men play Gardiner Webb in the YUM and we hope to find a place to watch it in Tampa. There is word of a game watch party and I guess we'll find out more about that when we get there.
Nice to be out of the ice and snow. The beverage cart is getting near, so I'm signing off. Julia says "Hi" but not to anyone specifically. I'll update you later.

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