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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Sunday story

So, we all know about Pamela Anderson
and her crusade for PETA. CARDINAL
COUPLE recently ran across this "Pamela
by the Parts" promo. I wonder if my

friendly butcher over at Kroger has this one pinned up back in the meat cutting room? More and more, we run into people that are going vegetarian or vegan. Even more people that are cutting red meat out of their diets.

On a recently episode of the highly acclaimed television show "Friday Night Lights", Coach Taylor's daughter prepares dinner for her parents. Coach Taylor's first comment is "where's the meat?".
She replies, "You know I don't burn flesh".
I asked several women athletes recently about their views on vegan, vegetarian and the whole red meat issue. Their responses were as varied as the selection on the buffet table at Ryan's.
(Names are withheld because I don't want any of these ladies getting hate mail or Omaha Steak mailings.)
-Former UofL soccer player and mom:
"I try to give my family a wide variety of choices between meat, chicken and fish. And always a green vegetable. I could never go vegan or vegetarian. I love a barbecued steak over charcoal too much."
-Long distance runner and shop owner:

"Cheeseburgers. they're my downfall. I don't do much else in the meat or poultry areas, but a flame grilled cheeseburger with all the fixings is my vice, I guess."
-Athletic trainer and fitness expert:
"No meat since 1985. Strictly vegetables, fruit and a little dairy now and then for the bones. I have seen what meat does to a colon and I've seen how meat is processed. No thanks."
-A legal professional and tennis player.

"Very little red meat. Lots of chicken and fish. Especially fish. Tuna, Salmon, Mahi Mahi and Cod. Baked is best but I am a sucker for those wonderful fried fish sandwiches at the summer Catholic picnics. And at The Fishhouse. I love his Green River Style."
All this talk about food has got me hungry. Olive Garden, anyone?

What's your take? Meat or tofu? Steak or salad? Let us know.
Speaking of food, today is the final day to get your entry in for $10 in PANERA gift cards for this week. We'll do it again next week, in case you don't win or just like to procrastinate.
TEAM ANGEL starts Monday over at The Basketball Academy. A great learning camp. Atlanta Angel is rolling along as well. The Dream gave Connecticut a 94-62 spanking Friday night. Showdown today with the Indiana Fever at 3 p.m. in Atlanta. The teams are virtually tied for first place in the WNBA Eastern Conference.

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