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Monday, August 16, 2010

Johnson shoots from the hip

What will the Lady Cards get out of senior guard LaToya Johnson this year? The answer to that question all depends on how her hip has recovered from last year's injury. Johnson is a shooter and if you've ever shot a know how important the hips are in the squaring, jumping and balance of the jump shot.

We've only seen a brief bit of Johnson in a Cardinal uniform and can only go on her career at Jefferson Community College (MO) stats...but she has the potential to add depth and scoring punch to the Cards back court if her game is there for the 2010-11 season. Johnson played with Danielle Adams at Jefferson...a recruit the Cards wanted badly a couple of seasons ago. Adams ended up at Texas A&M...where she helped lead the Aggies to the conference tournament title...defeating Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game.
PROGNOSIS: LaToya could be a valuable contributor to Louisville's back court in 2010-11. She has experience, skills and has the benefit of being in Walz's system for a year. The packed Cardinal backcourt has no lack of talent and ability...Johnson's fate in it will ultimately depend on how well she has rehabbed and how she fares in the preseason practices. We can see her as a valuable contributor off the bench.
We like the idea of the alumnae vs. roster preseason scrimmages that Pam Bustin's Louisville Field Hockey team holds each year. It got us to thinking if we could ever see a similar format for UofL women's basketball. How great would it be to see Angel, Candyce Bingham, Patrika Barlow, Sara Nord and Jazz Covington go up against Becky Burke, Monique Reid and the rest of the current crop of Lady Cards? Seeing Connie Neal take Shoni Schimmel off the dribble and bury a three? Seeing Tise Wright battle Keisha Hines under the boards? Kristen Mattox Cox head fake Antonita Slaughter and pull up for the mid range jumper?
We're not sure if the NCAA allows this type of event for hoops...but it's an idea that we'd love to see come to fruition. And, how exciting would it be to see a UConn alumnae vs. roster scrimmage? Half the WNBA would be on the court...and which squad would Geno coach?
Congratulations to Amelia Newby for winning this week's PANERA gift cards. She shared with us that:
"I like the easy accessibility of the PANERA in Clarksville. I visit a elderly friend who lives near that location and I can drive up, order both of us a healthy meal and never leave my car. I wish they would make a few more drive-thru locations and put a store out where I live. I'd be their biggest customer."
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A little off topic here....but over 7000 fans showed up for the Sunday Meet and Greet for the UofL football team at the Brown and Williamson Club in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Fans swarmed the autograph tables and were delighted by the view from the southside terrace deck.
Although CARDINAL COUPLE wasn't able to attend the event...our buddies over at CARDINAL DOMINANCE and UOFL CARD GAME were there in full force and they've got great articles and pics over at their respective sites. CARDINAL COUPLE reader Cary Davis was there also and told us in a e-mail:
"It is a great tribute to the fervor of the Cardinal fans. The so-called 'experts' aren't giving UofL much of a chance in football this season and look at how many turned out! Charlie Strong has re-energized the program. My son and I got a lot of autographs, got to talk to several of the coaches and marvelled at what a difference one year can make. GO CARDS!"
Couldn't agree more, Cary. Are you ready for some football?

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