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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hammond narrows it to 4 schools


-Rockcastle County star Sara Hammond narrows it to four.

-WE offer our spin on UK vs. UofL Footbal

-A comical horse race call

-Has she been forgotten?

Rockcastle County (KY) senior Sara Hammond has pared her list of colleges down to four institutes of higher learning. Making the cut are WKU, Vanderbilt, UConn and LOUISVILLE! We figured all along that the Lady Cards were standing strong with the probable Miss Kentucky Basketball for 2011 and viewing the list confirms the chatter we were hearing about Matthew Mitchell and Kentucky's late pitch falling on deaf ears. The 6'2" versatile player can take it to the hoop or punish you from outside. She has that certain "it"...the look of determination and focus when she is on the court. She has planned recruiting visits to and from Louisville and UConn...none yet for Vandy or WKU.

Let's be Captain Obvious here. Sure, it's great to get the nod and call from Geno and UConn. They are the elite program in women's college basketball and the Huskies don't pick up the phone and call just anyone. But, how many college bound lady hoopster from the Commonwealth have ended up in Storrs, Connecticut? Exactly. Nada, Goose egg, zilch and none. One has to wonder just how serious they are when they have access to about half of the 17U Team USA that won the European Championships?

WKU is a fine school and once used to be a certified power in the college WBB ranks. They might well return to that status but do you really want to spend four years going to non-descript Sun Belt schools? Louisville ex- Janae Howard transferred there to seek more playing time. Speaks volumes about the talent level in Bowling Green...definitely a step below the other three schools. Howard was a streaky shooter during her brief stay at the 'Ville and never could grasp the concepts of defense, rebounding or all over the court hustle.

Vanderbilt has intriguing possibilities. Melanie Baucom has had success with past Kentucky high school stars. Then, there is the other side of the coin. Ask Tia Gibbs about her year at Vandy. The Commodore home court...antiquated Memorial Coliseum reminds me of a medium sized high school gym. There's that weird configuration of benches beneath the basket, the raised floor and it really pales in comparison to the brand spanking new KFC YUM Downtown Arena.

There, Sara...we've laid it all out for you. Jeff Walz has a jersey waiting for you. The Louisville fans have many cheers and screams waiting for you. Enjoy your senior is a magical, dizzying and way too fast time in one's life...and then head to Louisville and continue your education.


It's everywhere in the air and the topic at water coolers, bars, instant oil change facilities and the internet. Who will win the UofL vs. UK football game on Sept 4th?

We deal primarily with UofL women's sports here. We won't spend a lot of time on the upcoming gridiron tussle...but we will offer five things that we'll be looking for when we're getting baked in the Crunch Zone dressed in red that Saturday.

1) Can UofL receiver Doug Beaumont find the end zone. The likable and talented senior has had a great career at UofL but has never caught a pass for a touchdown. Which leads to the old joke...How do you keep Doug Beaumont out of your front yard? Erect a goal post...Here's hoping he gets there on the 4th.
2) Will UofL fans obey Coach Strong? Charlie wants all Cardinal fans in their seats and raising cain prior to kickoff. We've been around Cardinal tailgaiting many a year and know full well that our fan base doesn't usually do that. WE'LL be looking around when the game starts to see if they're buying into the "Strong philosophy".
3) Can Froman throw the ball down the field? A lot to like about the senior quarterback but his long range passing is suspect. Can he toss one 30-35 yards to a Cardinal receiver accurately? Will they even try?
4) Where do you hide from Brandon Heath? The Cardinal linebacker is a fierce tackler and if UK runs his way...will EMS be needed to cart off the unlucky ball carrier? This guy would tackle his Aunt Ginny if she carried the pigskin...
5) Getting your kicks. The word is that Louisville placekicker Chris Philpott has been accurate and consistent in his field goal attempts during fall practice. Can he translate that success into points in a game that just might come down to a 2 or 3 point margin?
Gotta share this entertaining call from track announcer Larry Collmus during the 7th. race at Monmouth Race Track on Sunday. (Never get the wives involved!) Click on the link below and enjoy!)
She was a highly touted, talented freshman at Fern Creek High School for the Lady Tigers basketball team. Has the star on Teonia McCune faded as she prepares for her senior year? At 6'4' she poses a dangerous threat to those who unwisely try to take it to the hoop against her and she rebounds as well as anyone in Kentucky High School girls basketball...but are the major colleges still calling? We know that Louisville's Jeff Walz had a marked interest in her when Monique Reid and Teonia shared the court several years back...but a scan of the most promising 2011 class players doesn't reveal McCune as being one of the top standouts. She also participates in volleyball and track and field at the Creek.
We have to wonder if this will be her breakout year and if the Cards are still looking to fit her into and red and black jersey. Louisville is pursuing several talented and nationally recognized post and paint players in the 2011 class but we're not hearing much about McCune. Stay tuned this winter...we'll detail her final season on the court for the Tigers.

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