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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Too good to pass on...

Found this candid of our buddy Shannon over at Cardinal Dominance and Louisville sportscasting legend Bob Domine mugging for the camera at a UofL football practice shortly before Domine left to attend the University of Louisville softball game Wednesday night.

Not enough can be said about Bob's devotion and attendance to the University of Louisville's womens' sports programs. You see Bob at all the Lady Cards basketball games, he also attends Cardinal volleyball, softball...well, it can be said that Bob is a huge fan and we thank him for his attendance, support and loyalty.

Shannon, the owner and managing editor of Cardinal Dominance keeps his plate full with excellent coverage of Cardinal football, baseball and hoops. He's a must read, his breakdown, analysis and coverage of practices, games and team makeup and posistion depth is well research and very insightful. We here at Cardinal Couple owe Shannon a BIG debt of gratitiude for helping us get our feet wet with blogging and, along with Charlie Springer at UofL Card Game and Howie Lindsey at Cardinal are our patron saints of journalism.

Charlie Springer taught me pretty much everything I know about writing a concise, informative and relative sports column and it's always a joy to run into him and his lovely wife Barbara at UofL sporting events. He always puts up with my occasional cantakerous nature and gladly posts my articles about Lady Cards basketball on his site.

Before I get all misty eyed and start blabbing about all the wonderful opportunities these guys have so graciously provided us with over the years, I'll leave you with this...

Please patronize their sites (You'll find a link to them on the left hand side of our posts) and tell a buddy, invite a friend.

Written by Sonja


  1. Thanks for the compliment, Sonja. You and Paul are great sources of pride to me as frequent contributors to U of L Card Game.

  2. You guys are too good to me......

    Thanks so much for the write-up.

    This is the ONLY place I come for Louisville women's sports. PERIOD.

    You both have been such good friends to me through the years, and I don't have a lot of friends like some folks, so I hold that very dear.

    If anything, you guys saved MY BUTT by helping me when I was just getting started at CD. You BOTH are GREAT writers and you already had that talent when we met, and actually I learned form YOU.....

    I never really helped you two. YOU helped me.

    I could never repay Paul and Sonja Sykes for ALL the hard work and writing they did over the years. I told Sonja before, she literally CARRIED me for an entire month and was the only writer at CD when I had a personal issue to deal with and was in dispose.

    I am just pissed you guys are not getting the full credit you deserve for all you do for women's sports.

    And as far as fans go, I dare you to try to find a better, more solid fan than Paul and Sonja Sykes.

    Just as a correction:


    You two deserve all the credit, and I still say to this day that I would not be where I am at today, without your insights and help, ESPECIALLY Sonja carrying the entire site and not letting me fail.

    I can not say enough about the type of fans, friends, writers and the vast knowledge that Paul and Sonja Sykes share of ALL aspects of Louisville Athletics.

    I could have NEVER done it without you.

  3. We are honored and humbled by the comments of our two friends. Charlie and Shannon are two shining examples of doing on-line reporting the right way by not attacking or slandering other sites out there. We have learned much from them over the years and we are proud to be able and call them our friends.



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