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Saturday, April 17, 2010

From the mail bag...

Even Ferris Buehler gets a day off every once in a while, so we're going to catch up on a few e-mails from our readers before we head out to watch Cardinal softball and Thunder Over Louisville. We've almost dried off from the rains that put a damper on the football Spring Game last night...

LISA writes:

I really enjoy the coverage that you provide for UofL Womens' sports. Have you ever thought about adding a message board to your blog?

Well, LISA..we have thought about it and may eventually get to it. We'd also like to hear from a few more readers about adding one. Shoot us your opinion in the comments section below or e-mail us at: or

Our buddy JOE writes:

Hope things are going good with you all in Louisville as Derby events start to fire up. I am in Naples with my girlfriend and won't be up there this year...have a mint julep for me and when will Sonja being giving her Derby picks?

(Joe is our friend who owned an English Pub in Gatlinburg that he sold in January. He is now living in Florida with his girlfriend and next door to his elderly mother. Joe is one of the biggest Cardinal fans we know.)

Sonja will have a clearer idea of how she thinks the Derby could go probably after the post postion draw the Wednesday before Derby. She did a brief review of several horses in a column a few days back. She has since added ENDORSEMENT to that list (because John Asher likes that one) and JACKSON BEND. We'll see if both get in the field of twenty. As for case you asked, I am all over NOBLE'S PROMISE still...but his trainer Kenny McPeek is 50/50 on whether he'll go or not as of yesterday...according to one of the buddy, Dr. Tom.

DONNA writes:
I hope you'll be giving women's voleyball and field hockey the same amount of coverage as you do the other women's sports when they start playing this fall.

DONNA...We plan to and I'll be shooting UofL coach Pam Bustin an e-mail in a few weeks to get her prognosis on the upcoming season. As far as Leonard Yelin's volleyball team...we plan on attending as many games as we can this year.

KEITH writes:

Do you think that the women's NCAA Tournament is going to consider expanding to more teams like the men?

KEITH: I haven't heard but I would be severely disappointed if they did. They had three women's post season tournaments this year and even though UofL played in WBI...I think that three is too many. Let's face it...attendance was very low for Louisville's game vs. Bradley, the Lady Cards didn't seem too fired up about it and no one could tell you who won the thing unless you read it on here...(Appl. State, in case you missed the article.) 64 teams is plenty and 32 for the NIT is fine.

OK, that's all for today. Have a great day, enjoy the fireworks and games today and
good luck to longshot PRINCE WILL I AM in the Lexington Stakes at Keeneland today. Trained by Michelle Nihel and ridden by Calvin Borel...this one just might upset at a huge price.

Written by Paul


  1. Count me in as being for message boards.

  2. BTW, did you 2 make it to the spring game? I plan on going to some softball games now that spring practice is over with.

  3. Paul got out to watch the spring game. Sonja was at work but was running plays and tackling co-workers from 7:30 to 10...


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