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Friday, April 23, 2010

Lacrosse part of a busy sports weekend

Louisville lacrosse hosts Connecticut Friday at 5 p.m. A busy weekend for women's sports at UofL with the softball team at home against St. John, the Cards track and field taking part in the Penn Relays and...oh, yeah...Saturday is opening day at Churchill. Read below for an exciting and important announcement, too...about another way to read about and discuss UofL women's sports.

The University of Louisville lacrosse team continues Big East action with UConn coming to town for a 5 p.m. match at the Cardinals lacrosse stadium. The Cards (8-5, 1-3) are coming off a win at home against Jacksonville and UConn rolls in after losing to Loyola, MD. on Sunday.

WHAS TV will show a delayed broadcast of the match Monday 1:30 AM with Gary Fogle and Patty Norton providing the commentary. Cardinal Bergan Folly leads the NCAA in goals scored per game.


You wanted it, you got it. CARDINAL COUPLE has joined forces with CARDINAL DOMINANCE to provide sports fans with a message board. This exciting endeavor now gives all Cardinal Fans another place to voice your opinion about UofL athletics. We have a link to CARDINAL DOMINANCE on our home page, once you get there...simply take a minute to sign up for the boards and follow the link. You'll find several links available, including the CARDINAL COUPLE women's sports board.

CARDINAL DOMINANCE is owned and operated by our buddy Shannon Rufra. He devotes a great deal of time covering UofL sports and provides top flight coverage of Cardinal football, baseball and basketball. Both Sonja and I were regular posters and are still avid readers and contributors to his site. We'll provide daily updates over there as well and we invite you to take part in the fun we expect to create over there.

Shannon has a great photo gallery up of the recent UofL baseball teams win over WKU Wednesday night and a couple of pictures of me and head basketball coach Jeff Walz. While you are there, make sure to check out the videos he has of Louisville football and baseball.

One thing is for sure, Shannon's commentary and coverage of Louisville athletics is unique, comprehensive and never boring. We are happy to be his "source in the know" for UofL women's sports and to be working with him again.


I know, I's a busy weekend ahead with the marathon, balloon race, opening day at Churchill and all kinds of UofL sports activities. Almost impossible to get to all the activities going on this weekend but CARDINAL COUPLE will definitely at opening day at Churchill. The Derby Trial, which has diminished in importance over the last several years, is once again a viable road to the first Saturday in May, and a full field of ten horses are expected to enter and try to earn a spot for the Derby. PLEASANT PRINCE, AIKENITE and EIGHTYFIVEINAFIFTY could gain entrance to the Derby with a win in the Derby Trial. We love EIGHTFIVEINAFIFTY but also will be on the lookout for GAME ON DUDE..a Bob Baffert horse that gets Robby Albarado in the saddle and HURRICANE IKE with Calvin Borel getting the assignment.

Happy Derby Week to you!

Written by Paul

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  1. Paul, you are far too kind. I asked CC to come in on this joint venture together and they are 50/50 owners of the new message boards.

    Paul and Sonja have helped me more than I have EVER thought of helping them. I would not be where I am today without these two great friends and their insights.

    Sonja carried me at CD for a month when I was having family issues. Sometimes when people do things for you like Sonja did for Nikki and I at CD, you never forget an act of selflessness like that EVER.

    Paul is being much too modest. The new boards are just as much his and Sonja's, as they are mine and Nikki's.

    The boards are actually for the fans and members; We are just lowly servants.

    The fans deserved something better, and we intend to give it to them.


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