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Monday, May 4, 2020

Scott Teeter Louisville Lacrosse Interview -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


In the Monday version of Cardinal Couple, I bring you the recent interview with Louisville Lacrosse head coach Scott Teeter. I caught up with how Coach, his wife and family -- plus the student-athletes and coaching staff and personnel are doing these days. 

May is the month where Scott and the rest of the ACC would have found out who would have been selected for the NCAA Tournament. The Lax Cards were 5-4 before college athletics were ended and showing promise -- with wins over Cincinnati, Marquette and Vanderbilt. The Cards were a "bubble team" to make the "Big Dance" -- the ACC looked to possibly have five or six schools that could have been selected for the NCAA Championships in Lacrosse. 

Coach and I discussed the recent Louie's and the two team awards that the Lacrosse squad picked up. I also asked him if he could come up with a player of the year in each of the classes (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior). 

The future looks bright for the 2020 Louisville Lacrosse squad. with plenty of returning talent, experience and capabilities. We hope you enjoy the interview, it is linked up below: 



One of my favorite student-athlete alumnae from the Louisville Field Hockey squad is Hannah Boyle. I've been able to stay in touch with her from time to time after her playing days ended at UofL (2011-14).

She has had a long-time love for horses. She is able to continue that today, as you'll see in the Go Cards article I have linked up below. 

I happened to meet up with her after the Louisville Field Hockey vs. Alumnae game last fall. I was on the field, catching interviews and she came right up to me and asked if I remembered her. I started chuckling and told her she was unforgettable and we did an impromptu interview on the Trager Stadium pitch.  

She and I had some fun times at Churchill Downs, she introduced me to spectacular horse trainer Ron Moquett and she is a great example of how following your dreams and passions can work out for you. We've stayed in touch via social media and she's in Lexington now --  working as the Experience Coordinator for Mill Ridge Farms. 

Hannah has had a very interesting journey since graduation from UofL and I think you'll enjoy the read on her below. The hard work, dedication and principals that were augmented during her time as a UofL student-athlete under Field Hockey Head Coach Justine Sowry and her staff have paid off. 

The process of the student-athlete to the world after college is a process that can take one in many directions.

Hannah's journey is a remarkable one. 



I've secured an interview with Louisville women's soccer head coach Karen Ferguson Dayes for my Wednesday article.

On Tuesday, our Jared Anderson has the write -- it's Cinco de Mayo -- so expect a bit about that.

Tomorrow is also UofL's "Giving Tuesday" --an event I know you'll want to take part in. I would expect Jared will go into the details of this annual fund-raising event also. 

Have a marvelous Monday, and, remember -- we're all in this together! 



  1. Nice stuff with Teeter. He's rebuilding Lacrosse the right way and deserves props on the Louie Team Awards.

    Thanks for the reminder of Giving Day. I'm there for financial support. I hope you are too.

    Curtis "I believe" Franklin

  2. Another hire that fell into Vince's lap. I know there are critics of Tyra but he has had some very good hires. I think Lacrosse is going to continue to improve and Teeter is the right guy for the job. Especially after that Young mess.

    Nick O.


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