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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Women's Soccer Head Coach Karen Ferguson Dayes Teleconference -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


I was presented with the opportunity to join a teleconference with Louisville Women's Soccer head coach Karen Ferguson Dayes on Monday and pleased to bring you that teleconference in today's column. 

Coach mentioned right off the bat that this was her first teleconference from home and she buried it right into the back of the net -- to use a soccer term. I had the opportunity to ask Coach KFD several questions during the presentation and, quite honestly, I used the format from the phone interview I did with her last week. 

As we go through this strange period in our nation's and this world's existence, it remains quite important to hear the words and reflect on the thoughts of those who are essential to our forms of entertainment.

 With soccer traditionally being one of the first sports to start the fall season in college athletics, it's good to hear about the student-athletics, the coaches' planning and thoughts and the prospects of the future.

You can watch the teleconference at the link below: 


We wait to see what policies and timelines the ACC will relay to their college sports members for the fall. Hearing Karen's words and thoughts make it clear that the Louisville women's Soccer team will be ready to go and poised to continue and build upon the successes of last season.

A special thanks to  Louisville women's soccer asst. SID Nick Evans for arranging the event.
And, most certainly, a big "thank you" to Coach Karen for updating and filling us in on how she and Louisville women's soccer is doing ! 

Word is that Louisville Softball's head Coach Holly Aprile and student-athletes Celene Funke and Caitlin Ferguson will be holding a teleconference on Thursday. I'll join in and bring it to you in my Friday column. 

The Thursday Cardinal Couple article places Jared Anderson in the batter's box, so check back in with us tomorrow and see what's on his mind!  


I tend to spend more time "surfing the Internet" these days (don't we all?) in these days of "stay at home" and social distancing guidelines.

A site that I like to check is Her Hoop Stats . Their newsletters are great reads on women's basketball. 

A recent analysis of NCAAWBB recruiting revealed some interesting statistics. They checked the last ten years and came up with an article on which schools were winning the recruiting battles since 2010. They listed the number of Top 100 recruits and Top Ten recruits and Louisville Women's Basketball came in fourth in their rankings. The complete Top Ten is listed below: 

SCHOOL                     TOP 100 SINCE 2010                    TOP 10 SINCE 2010

1) DUKE                              33                                                10
2) STANFORD                       29                                                 3
3) MARYLAND                      28                                                 5
4) LOUISVILLE                    28                                                 4
5) CONNECTICUT                 27                                                11
6) TENNESSEE                     26                                                 10
7) BAYLOR                          26                                                  5
8) NOTRE DAME                  24                                                  6
9) TEXAS                            22                                                  4                                             10) SOUTH CAROLINA         22                                                  6     

These leaderboards are also a great example that recruiting doesn’t guarantee success. Duke, who has the most top-100 and second most top-10 commitments over the past 10 years, hasn’t appeared in the Final Four since 2005-06. Texas has gotten past the Sweet 16 just one time since 2002-03. Recruiting is an important part of developing a program, but it’s not the only part.                                         

Over the past 10 years, the NCAA WBB Tournament Champions have been: 

BAYLOR                     2 TITLES
TEXAS A&M               1 TITLE
NOTRE DAME             1 TITLE

On Louisville's Top Ten, most of you probably remember Asia Durr as being one of the four. 

Here's your Wednesday homework.  Can you name the other three? 

Have a wonderful, wet Wednesday !  (it's raining here in Louisville as i write this). 



  1. Duke continues to get good high school girls but they fail dismally in tern of recruits = success. What if Rebecca Greenwell had chosen Louisville? How different would her career have been?

    Beside Asia, I will guess Myisha, Dana and Shoni.

    We check the bathrooms often and work and sanitize. Last night, I was on "bathroom checks" and I always ask "Is there any one in here?" before I enter the women's bathroom. Sp, I did that last night on my first check and I heard a gruff "Yes". I went back a few minutes later and got about the same response. I waited outside the main door but no one emerged. So, I recruited one of our girls to go in and check out the situation. She comes out and shakes her head. In a locked stall, she heard grunts and groans. She saw two pair of feet.

    People, really?

    Curtis "Not stalling" Franklin

  2. Dana Shoni and Bria Smith

  3. Earlier this week, the 23 schools in the California State university system announced that in-person classes for the fall semester have been canceled, along with fall sports. Although none of those schools are in Power Five leagues, the announcement stirred speculation that other schools would follow with a similar decision.

    With deaaths, new cases and no vaccine yet, I see all fall sports getting cancelled. The logistics vs. illness and death potential are just too great.

    Nick O


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