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Thursday, May 28, 2020

UofL Marketing Earns Honor -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

UofL Marketing Earns Honor

Whether we know it or not we have all enjoyed a creative masterpiece by our marketing team in UofL Athletics.  The most common one for most of us on the site is the intro to women's basketball games.  The pregame video and the red lights are just a small piece of what they have designed over the years.

Also, thank you to our good friend Daryl Foust, who is responsible for getting the special lights going at the right time from up in the rafters.

Their honor, given to them by the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators, goes back to three certain events: "Fan Engagement Video" at the Muhammad Ali recognition basketball game, "Event Attendance" for the Kids Day men's basketball game, and "Student Promotion" for Flight23 ticket promotion.

Our fearless leader on "Seventies"
The three recognition moments actually came from men's basketball games, but their work goes far beyond just men's basketball.

Our marketing team has done an excellent job focusing plenty of attention on the smaller, non-profit sports.  Mr. Worldwide can attest to the cool pregame video for volleyball and some of the in-house promotions.  They also post some wicked postgame highlights for different sports.

The marketing team also plays a big part in the logos we see on social media and the cool cover photos and background looks in different images we see.  The new (well, old) Dunking Cardinal at mid-court was brought back by the marketing team.

They also came up with the themes we have seen in the past such as Decades Nights (Paulie has had some cool outfits), ugly Christmas Sweater Game (the entire basketball staff participated), and Bobblehead games.

One of the neat promotional ideas in the past by the marketing team actually focuses on soccer, with the Hispanic Heritage Night.  The event is one of the largest in terms of attendance for women's and men's soccer.

So, to our marketing team, thank you for being one of the best in the country and for all your hard work you have done to amplify the fan experience at games and through social media.

Be sure to catch the Friday Cardinal Couple column. Paulie has an interview scheduled with UofL women's basketball head coach Jeff Walz today. Hard to say what those two will talk about, right?

Continue to stay safe as more places continue to reopen.  We even found out a bank reopening date, and it isn't far away.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!


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  1. Can't wait to get back to game situations. I know the marketing staff at UofL is anxious for that also.

    On a personal note, I'm still feeling well, showing no symptoms and thanks for the words of hope and encouragement guys.

    Curtis "You know where to find me" Franklin


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