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Sunday, August 11, 2019



(Paulie sent in for the Sunday Cardinal Couple article out of the bullpen today. It seems Jeff has Sammy the Shark issues and will be back on these pages Monday. Sorry this is late...I slept in this morning and it seems no one ever uses the "call" function on their cell phones anymore...I saw the text about three hours after Jeff sent it to our group chat). 

Quick question, do you ever call anyone on your cell phone anymore? Leave your response in the comments section.

We are in the process of re-establishing the daily Poll Question here at Cardinal Couple. 


It was USA vs. Canada for the Gold in the World Cup U 19 Tournament and USA had little trouble in capturing the Gold 13-3. 

"They're a veteran team and considered some of the best players In the world who are competing in the NCAA right now," Canadian coach Scott Teeter said, of the U.S. "A lot of our girls haven't played an NCAA game yet. Our 2015 team was a little bit older than we are right now. We'll take this experience and it will definitely pay dividends for our senior team."

Teeter squad lost just twice in the 22-team event, both times to USA. 


Asia Taylor and Arica Carter probably didn't expect this when they joined the Phoenix Mercury roster.

With about six minutes left in the fourth quarter of a close game against the visiting Dallas Wings and on Brittney Griner Bobblehead Day, the 6'9" Mercury center and Wings post Kristine Angiwe locked arms going for a rebound and chaos ensued. It appeared Angiwe attempted to punch Griner after they untangled and then sprinted away from the towering center toward the Wings bench with Griner in hot pursuit. 

Both benches empties and it took referee Billy Smith and several coaches to restrain the combatants. Six players were tossed from the game after a lengthy review, including non-active Diana Taurasi...who appeared to be serving as a peace-keeper but was pitched for leaving the bench. 

Phoenix is struggling to remain in the top eight of the WNBA standings and make the playoffs. Myisha Hines-Allen and her Washington squad are tied for the league lead, so they're 99.9% assured of a playoff berth. Asia Durr's NY Liberty are in 10th. place overall and need to catch fire in August to crack the top eight. 

Neither Taylor nor Carter were expelled or threw any punches. Dallas went on to win 80-77.


Paulie's pre-show prep. 
Three of us took to the airwaves and Facebook Live from the majestic, media mansion on Mellwood for The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday. Case, Jeff and I had a great discussion on several upcoming UofL women's Fall sports and our final Cardinal Couple Radio Quiz for the season went to Jeff 100-80. 

You can join in on the fun and take the quiz at the link below. Jared claims an "off-site" score of 110 while shirking important work duties to listen. We'll award him the remaining toothpick from the one-eared, toothpick holding bear ceremonial winner's trophy whenever he shows up again. 


Have a super Sunday!




  1. Actually I do call people on my cell but, usually, only when I know they are available to talk and the matter is more complex than a quick text can handle. I often will text someone at work to call me when they are able.

  2. Call three people on a regular basis. My grandpops who is 89 and doesn't text or email, my friend Mary (same deal) and a volunteer center coordinator to let them know what hours I'll be available to volunteer.

    Curtis "Are there any phone booths left?" Franklin


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