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Thursday, August 15, 2019

A History of Louisville Women's Sports Chapter 12: Rowing -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

I traded places with Paulie as he has a special feature this Friday.  Tune in tomorrow to see what he might have in store for you! -- Jared

A History of Louisville Women's Sports Chapter 12: Rowing

Ah, we have reached the conclusion of our summertime history lessons. And just in time too, with volleyball and women's soccer each having an exhibition on Saturday.  To wrap things up we shall look into the history of our rowing team.

Derek Copeland is the head coach for the Cards, where he has held the position since the summer of 2012.  In preparation for the upcoming season, Copeland enters is eighth season and hopes to continue on the success he's had in this position.  Copeland guided the Cards to a conference championship back in 2014.  They also qualified for their first NCAA Championships berth that year.  Three Cardinals have earned All-American honors since Copeland took over.  He was an assistant for two years with Louisville before his promotion.

Laura Aubrey was the head coach prior to Copeland.  She held the position from 2007-2012, all spent in the Big East.  Aubrey has since become a real estate agent with Kentucky Select Properties.

Julio A Viyella founded the program and helped it quickly grow and had 30 student-athletes after just two seasons.  He is now working in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area as the Director of Sales for AGSE.

The G. Garvin Brown III Center is home to Louisville Rowing.  Often referred to as "The Boathouse", it is located along River Road, not even half a mile east of the Big Four Walking Bridge.  They share the dock with LMPD.  The two-story Boathouse opened in February 2011.  The indoor part of the building has a storage area for boats, indoor boats to continue training year round, and a workout facility.  Upstairs there is a lounge area as well as several rowing stations.

UofL isn't clear on when their rowing team started but an October 1999 article by a site called "The Christian Science Monitor" mentions that they had just completed their second season as of that time.

Louisville is one of two rowing teams in the state of Kentucky.  The other is Murray State.

The only regatta in town is the Red and Black Regatta (scrimmage) as the Ohio River is unfit for competition.  You can stay up-to-date with UofL Rowing here with us at Cardinal Couple.

ACCN and Charter/Spectrum reach a deal

If you are a subscriber to Spectrum here in the Louisville area (or elsewhere), take a deep breath and relax.

The two mega-corporations have come out of their negotiations and reached a deal. Spectrum WILL carry the ACCN. The ACCN, part of the Disney empire, was added to the Spectrum lineup -- along with the other Disney packages.

No word yet on two other large providers -- DISH and ATT-UVerse -- on whether they'll be a part of the August 22 premiere for the ACC kickoff.  Charter/Spectrum joins DIRECTV, YouTube TV, Hulu and PlayStation Vue as providers here in Louisville.

Get ready for unprecedented coverage of Cardinal Athletics, Louisville fans! Here's a link that gives you all the details: 

LINK:  ACCN on Charter/Spectrum

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!


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  1. This is wonderful news! I wonder how much, if at all, it'll raise the exorbitant cable bill I already pay?

    Curtis "Now I'll never leave the couch, thanks" Franklin


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