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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Fall UofL women's sporrts -- Do You Have A Favorite? -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


As the women's fall sports begin to create headlines and compete in their schedules, events, meets and matches...our question today is pretty simple. Do you have a favorite? 

As I look at our CARDINAL COUPLE writing staff and radio crew, there is a diversity of thoughts on that. WE, of course, want all the student-athletes that compete for UofL to do well. 

I'll start with me. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the coaches and some of the players that compete in Field Hockey, Golf, Rowing, Soccer, Swimming and Diving,Tennis and Volleyball.

It is hard for me to just pick one. I enjoy them all very much and attend/report on as many as I can, but...I will admit to a preference in Field Hockey. 

Justine Sowry has had some very successful athletes in her decade at UofL. The best goal-keeper in the world in Ayeshia McFerran. the squad has two very excellent goal-keepers vying for that open spot now in Sam Minrath and Hollyn Barr. A ton of proficient scorers on roster in Meche Pastor, Bethany Russ, Erica Cooper, Whena Munn and Madison Walsh -- plus a freshman class that could be one of the best in Sowry's time here in India Reed, Emilia Kaczmarczyk, Margot Lawn,  Minna Tremonti, Mattie Tabor and Julie Kouijzer. 

I absolutely love the idea of an Alumnae vs. Student-Athlete scrimmage each year and have gotten some excellent, funny and fabulous interviews over the years with the squad grads. Coach Sowry is always a frank, sometimes tongue-in-cheek and matter-of-fact interview. 

In horse racing terminology, it's a photo finish at Paulie Downs to determine the winner, but it's Field Hockey by the length of a field hockey ball. They went 2-0 in the preseason and start the regular season.

Jeff is a Volleyball guy. He's a season ticket holder, leads cheers from the stands and knows quite a bit about the sport. And, he plays a bit of the game as well. He is a student of the game and goes into detail , so that you, the reader, are up on things like "the 6-2" the competition in the ACC and player status. 

Case's knowledge in women's soccer is unparalleled in the journalistic world, so his choice is pretty obvious as well. It's a blessing, joy and benefit to have him helping me in our coverage of WSOC this year. He played Soccer in high school and post-graduation until an injury sidelined him last year. I wouldn't be surprised to see him return to an active status down the road. No doubt about his favorite...Women's Soccer.

It's a bit more difficult to say which is Jared's favorite Fall Sport, since he photographs so many. I texted him to try and pin him down. He went with women's soccer also. His response was: 

"Soccer is a sport that I can switch back and forth between taking pictures and cheering. Since I've been following the sports at UofL, soccer is the only team that wasn't already good (consistently ranked in the top 25) and I've been able to watch the program improve over time. Soccer is one of the sports that can change with only one goal. They've also been  the biggest supporters of my photography out of all of the fall sports".

Put Jared down in the Women's Soccer category as well, as a favorite. 

It is relevant to point out that we love ALL of our fall sports squads and try to give them as much coverage as possible. Based on our writing schedule here at CARDINAL COUPLE, it could be Case doing an article on Field Hockey or Jeff on women's soccer. Jared discussing golf -- the combinations are endless. 

So, dear reader...we pass the ball to you. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section (and why). Tell us, because we are all about the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports and YOU are Cardinal Couple -- something we appreciate and never forget. 

Tee it up, deliver us a perfect response, go for the net, send an ace down the line, dive right in, run for the wire and navigate the waters while sticking one on the green in your ace of a response. 



  1. It'd be volleyball for me. Maybe because it's the closest sport to basketball???
    I do know I actually knew VERY LITTLE about the sport as a whole, just fun to watch, until Jeff hipped me, so thanx for that, I now watch AND understand it more.

  2. Volleyball. Learned a lot about it when I played co-ed and also a lot about it here at the Couple.

    Curtis "This side of the net not what you want when you serve" Franklin

  3. I think Golf wins out for me. What Lauren Hartlage has done and accomplished is amazing. I think Whitney Wade Young will be a great head coach, I'm a golfer, too.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    -- The Real Joe Hill --


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