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Monday, August 12, 2019

Cardinal Couple Countdown -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

We're in the heart of the countdown to fall sports here at Cardinal Couple.  It's only about 5 days (Friday) until the beginning of Fall sports, even if only in exhibition, with Men's Soccer kicking it off Friday evening at Lynn Stadium (the one on Floyd St, of course).  Women's Soccer and Volleyball start off the women on Saturday with the Volleyball Red and Black Scrimmage, and a Women's Soccer scrimmage against Butler.

To say that I'm excited for the season would be understatement that is beyond quantifiable.  And as much of a volleyball fan as I am, it's not just the wide net sport that I'm getting hyped for.  I don't tend to make it out to too many soccer games, and am thankful for the excellent coverage and analysis of Soccer by our resident soccer guru, Case Hoskins.  I am also getting excited for Field Hockey, though.

I've enjoyed watching field hockey for several years now, and this year doesn't look to be any exception.  We heard from Coach Justine Sowry the other day in one of Paulie's late summer interviews and I'm raring to go on this season.  Of course, we have a little longer wait for the first field hockey pass-back as they don't get their exhibition game against the FH alumnae underway until the 24th with a scrimmage against Michigan State on the 25th.

If you've followed Cardinal Couple over the past week or so, you probably know all of this, at least in broad strokes.  Here we come to a little bit of cruel irony about the run-up to fall sports, though.  All of the teams are heavy duty into the midst of pre-season practices, which means there is even less outward facing activity than there is over the bulk of the summer.  This is a case of "No news is good news", of course, as the only news I would expect to hear out of pre-season training would be injury reports, and I'll be quite a happy camper to not have any of those to report on.

Are you ready for the sports year to get underway?  I suspect many of you are just as excited as I am.  If you're not, I've got one more thing, if you haven't seen it yet, that might get you there.  Last week, the Louisville Athletics twitter account posted the video below.  Surprisingly, I haven't seen it made available anywhere since, but if this thing doesn't get you ready to run through a wall, I'm not sure what will.

I'll see you Saturday at 6 o'clock in the L&N Federal Credit Union arena, formerly Cardinal Arena, on Floyd street.


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  1. I am concerned that Asia's groin injury is going to nag her for at least the rest of WNBA season and who knows about her overseas season. This has been going on since a few weeks before the Allstar game.
    Todays report after not playing the weekend game..
    "Asia Durr
    Out again Tuesday
    GNew York Liberty
    August 12, 2019
    Durr (groin) will not play Tuesday against the Lynx, Geoff Magliocchetti of Elite Sports reports."


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