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Monday, July 23, 2018

Walz in Colorado Springs for USA squad...Staff recruiting -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


July. That month in the year where NCAA women's basketball coaches get two chances to scour the country (and abroad) to evaluate high school talent and identify players who might make up the future rosters at their colleges and universities. A huge month for the talent-rich camps, showdowns, shootouts and tournament for club ball and AAU events. 

The second evaluation period of the month has begun and Cardinal coaches are spanning the globe to watch and observe. Louisville head women's basketball coach Jeff Walz is out at his "home away from home" Colorado Springs, CO...coaching up the USA U 18 squad to get them ready for the FIBA Americas Tournament in August. USA goes to Mexico City to begin play on August 1st. 

This time he didn't cross the Mississippi River alone. Associate coach Steph Norman and special assistant to the head coach Beth Burns were with Walz at the U.S. Training Facility over the weekend to watch a couple of girls on the squad who are still undecided on their university choice in the 2019 class. Maori Davenport (Henderson High School, Troy, AL), a 6'4" center and Aijah Blackwell (Whitfield School, Berkeley, MO), a speedy 6'0" guard are the interest there. Both are top-25 prospects going into their senior seasons. 

If Walz doesn't know his way around the US Training Facility, Air Force campus and streets of Colorado Springs by now...he's as geographically challenged as Paulie...

Cardinal great Sara Hammond with Sam
Meanwhile, Sam Purcell is overseas in Minsk, Belarus monitoring the USA U 17 squad and their games. He's probably not getting much time to sample borscht, caviar and sip vodka, with future Cardinal prospects in the 2020 and 2021 classes Azzi Fudd, Zia Cook, Charisma Osbourne, Jordan Horston and Haley Jones on the court. USA has rolled past Italy and Mali in their first two contests in Minsk and takes on China Tuesday. If you want to watch, the link is

"Sardechna Zarashayem!" is a greeting Sam will no doubt hear from the locals a few times while in Minsk. Don't accept any fake rubles, Sammy. 

Other places of interest stateside for Cardinal coaches include the United States Junior Nationals in Washington, D.C. 2019 prospects Jada Boyd and Rickea Jackson remain high on the Cardinal observation list. 

They probably won't have time to hit The Deli At Watergate...but if you find yourself in D.C., it's highly recommended. The pastrami is incredible there. 

Recruiting. Maybe best summed up by the quote: 

"In recruiting, there are no good or bad experiences...just learning experiences" 

Here's hoping the Cardinal coaches learn a lot and the players learn that the UofL coaches and campus offer a lot for the continuation of their student/athlete process. 


Local television sports reporter Katie George (WDRB) has started a series where she takes on players at their sports. She went up against Cardinal Couple favorite Jaz Jones in the first segment. Jaz "Myisha'ed" her, as you'll see in the link below. 

Kudos to Katie for the "Katie Vs." segment. It's a rehash, in sorts, of several other sportscasters' attempts to show their (sometimes lack of) athleticism. "Domine Does It" comes to mind, as does "I Challenge Fred" from past years. 

An entertaining segment, for sure. We'd like to see if she could score on UofL Field Hockey goalkeep Ayeshia McFerran...




  1. Go get 'em Cardinal Coaches! Jada Boyd would be a huge "get" for Louisville. A scorer.

    So, Katie is taking on the best. (Yawn). I guess that's the best we can hope for until events are played and scores are posted.

    Curtis "Could score on both Jaz and Katie" Franklin

  2. Nice look at the Cardinal WBB prospects Paulie. I've been to the Watergate Deli in D.C. as well and I think I went with the turkey on rye but the memory isn't positive about it. I remember whatever I had was a HUGE sandwich, very good and pretty affordable. I fondly remember Franks' Deli and Meats in Louisville. That's another fine and HUGE sandwich.

    You got to wonder how much long Katie George will remain in Louisville. With WDRB being a Fox affiliate last I remember and the growth of the Fox Sports Networks nationwide, you have to wonder why they haven't sent her up the corporate ladder yet.

    The Real Joe Hill

    1. Was at Frank' over the weekend, Joe. Won't torture you with what I got but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I expect Katie will get that call eventually. Another possibility might be the fledgling ACC Network.


  3. That Katie's a cutie, no doubt. I don't see her on any national stage or platform anytime soon but the ACC Network would be a good fit for her. WDRB has, what, about a dozen or so guys and gals who do sports on their channel? Tom Lane and Katie, IMHO, are the best and the rest could be on a slow train to Texas as far as I'm concerned.

    Nick O

  4. UofL Wbb topic Bionca & Kylee must be able to hit outside shots and drive to the basket also grab rebound.

    1. I think Kylee has the outside shot range, maybe better than Bionca. Neither have had to drive to the basket much but maybe Bionca is a better scorer inside than Kylee. Both have shown rebounding skills

  5. Kylee definitely has outside range. Would suspect she is working on post moves, if she develops driving ability, triple threat and a nightmare matchup.


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