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Thursday, July 12, 2018

"Papa" John Schnatter resigns from UofL Board of Trustees -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


(The following is an editorial piece from Paulie -- co-founder of Cardinal Couple and may not necessarily reflect the opinions or viewpoints of the rest of the writers at this site.)

Money can buy you a lot of things in this world. It apparently can't purchase common sense, decorum, sensitivity or an understanding of diversity.

John Schnatter, why? 

Why do you want to use a derogatory term?  Do you really think that just because something that you used as a reference to a certain race can be glossed over with an apology? 

Why are you being hurtful? Do you really think that this is a way to talk about anyone who breathes the same air as you, whose heart beats and feels love, passion, emotion at your senseless and derogatory use of language? 

Do you need counselling? Did you forget that all men were created equal. That all men and women have the same right for matter what the color of their skin is, social status, race, creed or religious beliefs are. It matters not one bit about the supposed "context" you used this slur in. It was wrong. What possessed you to do it in the first place? Why do you want to demean people? 

A statement of apology? Yes, that's the very least you could have done. Resigning from the board, good riddance.  Your company's name needs to be taken off the football stadium. Any anything else your name or the company's name is on at the UofL campus. 

John has also resigned as chairman of Papa John's. You can form your own ideas about that. I'm sure there is relief among those employees, store owner-operators and stockholders. 

Maybe it's not fair to the company that they're taking a financial bath and stock market mugging because of their founder's insensitivity, cruelness and crudeness. I would venture that there are a lot of nice people who work for Papa John's that are baffled by this use of language. Maybe you need to just go away and refrain from any type of public outburst for quite a while. Money isn't going to get you out of this one, pizza guy. 

There is only disgust and the question...why?

There is enough hate and cruelty in this world. There is enough dissension and strife. Maybe you should take those billions you've made and give them to an organization or two that are trying to combat inequality, injustice and defamation. 

(From the website "Down With Tyranny" )
It is solely up to the people that you have offended to decide whether to accept your apology. And I would not blame a single person for not accepting that apology.  And, with all those that you have shocked, dismayed, slighted and hurt...there is a sense of askance and puzzlement. Name calling is not cool, John Schnatter. Racial slurs definitely not cool. 

You complain about athletic board leadership, you complain about NFL Football players affecting your pizza sales. And now, this? I see a trend here. An unhappy man. Maybe it's time you got yourself right. 

Money can't buy you love.

Stupid statements can sure bring a ball of fire down on you, though. The Bible does teach forgiveness. The Lord's Prayer mentions forgiveness. I'm pretty sure a person has to want to change and that change is evident and sincere before that change can be credible and taken seriously, though. Maybe it's your "come to Jesus" moment?  I don't profess to be a theology expert at all, but I was taught the "Golden Rule".  

Maybe you'd want to consider just taking your billions and going away. Buy yourself an island and live on it so you can say anything you want about whatever you want if that's your bag. 

And, again, why? 



  1. I am a human being. I am African-American and proud of my heritage, my roots and I am offended by John's comments and use of language. I wish people, including those of my heritage, would not use that word.

    Thank you for this article, Paulie.

    Curtis "I am an American, not a n-----" Franklin

    1. Curtis, you're one of our most popular commentators here and we always appreciate your insight. Thanks for expressing your thoughts and there is no room in this world for racism or derogatory slurs, regardless of the context or text of them.

      Papa John is a classic example of what money and fame can do to one. He may think he is "untouchable" but even a breying jackass mule gets attention, even if it is negative.


  2. Papa John needs to disassociate himself with things UofL related after the slur. No matter what reasoning behind it, it's just wrong. That guy has no filter, no respect. And, on a personal observation, there is a whole lot better pizza out there than his.

    Finally, thanks for sharing your view Curtis and thanks for the write-up Paulie.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  3. Thanks Dave O and thanks for the phone call last night. I had to ask myself, first, how does this apply to women's sports, since this is what we do here. I rationalized that it did for various reasons. Secondly, I had to decide whether I wanted to deter from the "joy and excitement of sports" theme that we have here. I decided that this issue needed to be put out for a public reaction.

    Sometimes, things are not always sunshine, rainbows and lollipops in the UofL community. WE can't turn a blind eye to what is on our readerships' minds and thoughts.


  4. When I used to work as a student employee I came in contact with him a couple times. He is not friendly, nor does he acknowledge anyone he feels is below him. I have not been a fan of “Papa John” in a long time and I’m glad his ties with UofL are starting to sever.

    Unfortunately, he has naming rights to the football stadium for a long time. And the contract does not require “Louisville”, “UofL, “Cardinal”, or any other words affiliated to the university in the contract.

    In terms of pizza, his is not good. I prefer almost anywhere else to his, chain or local.

    Looking forward to the Papa Bash tomorrow at 11:00!

  5. first time comment and first time reader guy

    some group did a study and found out that papa johns pizza was the most preferred by white supremacist groups. and u guys in louisville still got a stadium named after him. might want to rethink that. jeffersonville did. of course i always have thought southern indiana had more sense than louisville. just kidding on that last one. bring that stadium sign down uofL.

    I do like this website. supporting my sisters. you got my respect.


  6. Thanks for being a self-serving son-of-a-biotch, Johnny. Don't let the door hit ya on the butt on the way out.

    Blue Lou


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