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Friday, July 6, 2018

Countdown to Fall Sports -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


We are within the 60-day mark for all of the fall sports so the countdown has begun.  If you visit the Go Cards website for the composite calendar the month of July is completely blank, but August shows signs of life.

August 11 is the first thing on the calendar with a women's soccer scrimmage.  August 15 is men's soccer scrimmage.  Women's soccer kicks the UofL sports season off with a true match on August 16 when they face Wright State.  Field hockey and men's soccer both have scrimmages on August 18.  Field hockey faces Michigan on August 19 in Columbus for another scrimmage.  The sticks start their official regular season with a game at Indiana on August 24, at 3:00 p.m.  Men's soccer follows just a few hours behind with a game against St. Bonaventure at 7:00 p.m.

Women's Soccer - August 16

Women's soccer has 17 games and one scrimmage listed on the schedule this year.  Nine regular
season games are at home as well as the scrimmage.  Admission into Lynn Stadium does cost money and the bag policy instituted last season remains in tact.

There is one major concern this team faces- injuries.  There are at least four key players still returning from late season or season-ending injuries plus a couple more who had early season injuries last year.  With an entire off-season of rest and recovery we can only hope they're ready to go.

The biggest strength this year is the talent.  Every position on the pitch has some of the best players in either the state or country, including one of the ACC's best in Emina Ekic.  If this coaching staff can make the most of the talent on the roster this team can compete for the top spot in the ACC.

Field Hockey - August 19

The 18-game season starts with a trip up the road to Indiana.  You'll have eight chances to see Coach Sowry's group play at home this season.  Admission is free.

The biggest question surrounding this team is who will play in Minout "Minnie" Mink's role.  The Cards' leading scorer from the past two years returned home to Europe to finish school. We hear Mercedes Pastor might be the one to fill those shoes. 

Ayeisha McFerran is the backbone to this year's squad.  Now a senior, McFerran holds three solid years of experience under her belt as well as playing with the Irish National Team.  McFerran will man the goal and keep opposing offenses under control.

Volleyball - August 24

The reigning ACC champs start later than the other sports.  All home games are scheduled for
Cardinal Arena once again.  14 of the 29 games are home.  Admission does cost money at Cardinal Arena.

Four big time players graduated last year and trying to fill those shoes is a concern, especially with two of them dominating the front line.  Younger players will have to step up into bigger roles this year to continue the dominance from last year.

Molly Sauer is the biggest strength this year.  The Louisville-native has reached her senior year and has been impressive as libero since day one on campus.  Under her wing is Alexis Hamilton, who will most likely take her place following graduation.  Sauer has always been under control on the court and has done a good job mentoring players.

With the 2018 season swiftly approaching I know I am not the only one excited for UofL games to start back up.  Catch all of your favorite Cardinal Couple folks hustling up and down Floyd Street trying to cover it all.


Today is National Fried Chicken Day! Do you have a favorite? We know it was one of Myisha Hines-Allen's favorites and Sam Fuehring expressed a like for it as well. It was Lindsey Duvall's favorite food back in high school but a recent update indicates she's switched to steak or Chinese. Is it chicken strips, tenders, white meat or dark meat for you? Are you a wings person or do you crave that drumstick or thigh?  

We know Paulie has a legendary love for Bojangles...but what about Popeye's, KFC, Church's, Lee's Famous Recipe, Chick-Fil-A, King's or your grandma's home-made variety? 

Paulie relates that the WORST Fried Chicken he ever had was in Atlanta last December in a hotel restaurant. He also dreams of the fried chicken his Dad used to make in the big cast-iron skillet over a gas stove and regrets he didn't get that recipe. Do you have a fried chicken story? Share it with us in the comments section! 

The Louisville Bats recently had a Media Hot Dog Eating contest. I wonder how'd they'd do with a chicken drumstick eating contest? 

Happy Friday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. I'll toss predictions out there. Volleyball goes 20-9. WSOC goes 10-7. FH goes 12-6. And, Curtis Franklin defeats anyone CC has to offer in a 5 minute. fried chicken eating contest.

    Curtis "calls his shots and delivers" Franklin

    1. Oof. Pretty pessimistic for vball, there. They were 24-7 last year. You think they're going to do worse?


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