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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Griffin Impresses crowd at Run For The Roses -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Creating a bit of a numeric palindrome Thursday night, Hudson River Breeze AAU player Aubrey Griffin put up 41 points and 14 rebounds for her squad in an opening game, 86-76 win in the Run For the Roses Classic at the K.E.C. 

Although I did not get to see the action in person, an avid basketball fan and Cardinal Couple reader spoke with me at length about what she saw out of the Ossining, NY native. Due to her request, I am not identifying her by her real name. We'll call her "Jane". 

"She is pretty amazing. From what I saw Thursday night, she can score from all over the court in the offensive sets that are built around her. Inside, outside, off the dribble -- you name it and she'll find a way to get it in the hoop. She's just as comfortable running the offense as she is down in the paint." Jane told me yesterday.

Aubrey had yet to play in the two Friday games on Hudson River's tournament schedule, but we hear from updates that she tossed in another 41 points Friday morning and 19 in her Friday night game. 

So, the word is out on Aubrey as she prepares for her senior year of high school. Word is also out that there possibly may be a few more schools than Louisville and Connecticut  on her consideration list. 

"I was eavesdropping in on a few conversations and I heard that Dawn Staley [SOUTH CAROLINA], Sylvia Hatchell [NORTH CAROLINA] and Vic Schaefer [MISSISSIPPI STATE] were a few coaches that hadn't been totally ruled out yet. I kinda of hate this for Louisville but it does show that she's got the talent that any major program would be happy to have on campus." Jane continued.

The excitement surrounding Griffin does remind me a bit of the hub-bub about Mercedes Russell when she was being recruited heavily by the Cards and the Vols a few years back. The national rankings on Griffin will most certainly change dramatically for the better as she progresses through her summer ball and her senior high school season. 

To learn more about Aubrey, all one has to do is put the words Aubrey Griffin Basketball in your favorite Internet search engine. She and her family are a great read. 

In Louisville, a fireworks display took place after the 4th of July at a basketball venue and, from all accounts, Aubrey was holding the Victory Torch to set them off. 

Recruiting, evaluation, observation. The steps to finding and identifying student-athletes that can have an impact on a program. They bottom line, though, comes down to a player deciding which program fits them best. A former student-athlete once described the process as very similar to choosing a car. Amidst all the advertising, availability and courtship, it comes down to what you feel comfortable behind the wheel in. 

The program, of course, has to have that same level of interest. 

We can only hope that Aubrey picks the best fit for her. And it wouldn't hurt any Cardinal fans feelings at all if she chose Louisville. 


The knuckleheads will not be on the air today. Our broadcast venue, WCHQ 100.9 FM is heavily involved in the Poorcastle Festival this weekend and logistics, time frame and producer availability created a scenario where doing a live show was not feasible. 

We fully understand. We'll be back next week. It doesn't mean that you should abandon the programming that the station has available. Lots of great music and shows emanate from the massive and magnificent media mansion on Mellwood to listen to. Paulie's other project, HANDICAPPING HEROES, is a pre-recorded show, so it will be on at noon today.

Just call it our "summer-camp vacation" week. Although...the prospect of having Paulie, Worldwide Jeff, Case and Jared all together at the same summer camp would be enough to drive any camp counselor crazy. To the rowboats, one and all! Are those Jared's pajamas atop the flagpole? Keep Worldwide away from the camp's I.T. room!! Don't let Case participate in any sports and someone search the woods for Paulie, he's lost again. 

Try to fit Poorcastle into your weekend plans. Great music, great beverages and food trucks. To learn more, go to:


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