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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Catching Up With...Louisville WSOC head coach Karen Ferguson Dayes -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


I had the great opportunity to meet with Louisville women's soccer head coach Karen Ferguson-Dayes on Monday.

She was holding the Summer Elite Camp for younger soccer players at McDonald's Field and, almost as if it has become a prerequisite for a Paulie interviews, rain was coming down when I arrived at the field.

Coach and I climbed into a storage shed with WSOC Director of Operations Jing Hughley and we talked soccer while the players and campers practiced drills and scenarios. Players and campers working hard in the light rain. Having fun, teaching and learning. 

Some things to listen for in the interview: 

-- What are some of the things that campers learn in a UofL/Ferguson-Dayes camp? 

-- Coach's thoughts on the 2017 season

-- What will be the make-up of the 2018 Louisville WSOC roster? 

-- How long does the coaching staff get to work with the players before the season starts?

-- When do the Kickin' Cards play their first 2018 contest in Lynn Stadium?

-- What were Kaela Dickerman and Gaby Vincent involved with this summer? 

-- Who are some of the players that Coach suggests you keep an eye on this fall? 

-- What were Coach's thoughts on the recent World Cup? 

A great ten minutes with Coach KFD to get us all ready for the 2018 Louisville women's soccer season. You can hear the interview at the link below and a big "Thanks!" to Karen Ferguson Dayes for doing it with us. 

Season tickets are still available for Louisville Soccer and they are a great entertainment value. The WSOC Cards begin their season with an exhibition against Morehead on August 11th. and regular season play kicks off on August 16th. when Wright State takes on the Cards. Both are at Lynn Stadium. 



Finally, official UofL acknowledgement of the 500-lb elephant that's been in the room for the last couple of weeks. Hey, guess what, y'all? Lu-ah-vul done hired a softball coach and her name is Holly Aprile. (This reference of elephant-ism is NOT directed toward Coach. It is simply a metaphor phrase for the situation. First impressions being what they are, Holly seems to be a wonderful, dedicated and caring person).

She'll be formally introduced at a press conference at a later date. 

So far, she's saying all the right things. Paying tribute to her predecessor, Sandy Pearsall. Acknowledging the solid foundation the program is on. Acknowledging the administration that helped in getting her to campus. Reflecting on her career in regards to competition against Louisville in a couple of different conferences. Expressing the desire to take the Softball Cards to new heights. Marveling at the facilities and resources available to her.

Know this. Holly Aprile is a winner.

She was ACC Coach of the Year last year. Highly respected by her peers for her leadership and development qualities, Aprile is what I'll call one of the "new breed" that has assumed coaching responsibilities under the Tyra leadership as Athletic Director. It started with Scott Teeter. Next came Chris Mack. Now Holly Aprile. So far, Vince is throwing fastballs and getting strikes. In addition, he's keeping "the old guard" happy and in place with contract extensions and enhancements. A former pitcher, Vince is exhibiting great control and good use a baseball far in his directorship. Keep pitching, sir.

A hiring can sometimes be a lengthy process. All the "i's" need to be dotted and "t's" crossed. Board approval must be gathered. It's not as if the board has been idle as of late, either. Many things for them to consider, discuss and make decisions on in the past couple of weeks. 

Welcome to the "Ville", the second softball coach in Louisville history.   

We, at Cardinal Couple, congratulate Holly  (officially and formally) and look forward to seeing what she'll do in regards to continuing to Louisville Softball. 



  1. I guess I wonder why Aprile left Pitt to come to Louisville. Money? A.D conflict? Regardless, she looks like a prime "get" for Louisville softball.

    Coach Ferguson-Dayes will always be one of my favorites on campus. A couple of years back, my niece participated in one of her camps.

    For weeks after, all she could talk about was how great it was, how fun it was to learn from the players and Ferguson-Dayes and how she wanted to go again the following year. But, the family moved because of work requirements and she wasn't able to attend. She does play soccer now in Georgia and I want to thank Coach Karen and her players/staff for starting that spark which ignited her love for Soccer.

    Curtis "Getting his kicks" Franklin

  2. And, Vince got Ferguson Dayes and Busboom Kelly contract extensions also.

    Forgive me if it takes me a while to warm up to Aprile. I was a big fan of what Pearsall did with Louisville softball and I still have "conspiracy theories" that she was forced out. From what I see on other sites, I'm not the only one with these thoughts.

    I think Aprile will do a good job at Louisville. I'm just not ready to jump in the pool yet. I have to side with Curtis. Why Louisville for Aprile? I will go with the more money and better A.D. theory until something better comes along.

    Nick O

  3. To be perfectly honest, Paulie, a 500 pound elephant is a pretty small elephant. :)


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