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Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple


- Win some, lose some, some yet to be decided

- Cardinal Couple Radio Saturday

- Central Cardinal Club pland huge celebration

- Madeline Abramson recovering from cancer

You know how it is each year when the high school sought-afters start to verbal their college choices. We've been tracking quite a few in the 2014 class and are starting to get some answers.


-NATALIE ROMEO, a 5'7" point guard that was on Louisville's radar has verballed to Nebraska. She made the visit to Lincoln, it felt right to her and she made the verbal. If it is any consolation, the Cards have a lot of point guards and will still have most of them when the 2014 chippers show up on campus. But, there goes my chance to hear Jeff Walz yell "Romeo, where art thou?" when an opposing guard skates by the UofL defensive for a layup. I'll recover.


MARIYA MOORE, SYDNEY BRACKEMYER and ARIANNA FREEMAN have all given verbals to the school on Floyd Street. And, we look forward to seeing all three arrive next season and their careers at Louisville. Three great ones that will make sure the Cards have excellent shooting and playmaking until late 2018. Already a great class there...we'll see how it ranks out when it's done. Because...


Is Myisha Hines-Allen...the 6'2" wing who can do it all... going to end up in the Red & Black? She did recently narrow her list to six schools. The final contestants are (in no particular order or preference) Georgia Tech, LSU, Rutgers, OSU, WVU and Louisville. She has game, oh yeah...and that game would look mighty fine in front of 12,000+ screaming Lady Cards women's basketball fans each night in the KFC YUM! Center.

Jenny O'Bryan and I are "all-in" on MHA. She'd be a great "get"

So, that's what we know. And, as always...we'll be on top of the news and report when we know.


Jeff and Paul discuss the night before...
Saturday's CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO Show promises to be a blockbuster. Tons of recruiting news, three excellent interviews with Anne Kordes, Kellie Young and Karen Ferguson Dayes. Our usual banter and goofiness and Jeff McAdams will drive his jeep into the studio...packed full of chimps, pretzels and half the UofL Volleyball team.

OK, he probably won't do that...but it's going to be a good one. Link below:


11 a.m. - noon and archived broadcasts eternally available on the Heavenly Crescent Hill Radio Soundcloud.

Join us, won't you?


Chuck showing Carol pictures of "The Deckheads"
Good ol' Chuck Horrell...he of CENTRAL CARDINAL CLUB...has sent me the information on their annual gala affair at the PNC Club @ Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. This year, they've got a great dinner and excellent speakers lined up for attendees and you don't even have to be a member of CCC to attend! $20 a person gets you dinner, door prizes, posters, grab bags, a cash bar, photo opportunities with the Championship Trophies, a silent auction with GREAT items and some fabulous speakers.

The event will be WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14th.

Lined up to emcee is Howie Lindsey (who is worth the $20 admission alone) and a stellar list of speakers:

-Adrienne Johnson (Special assistant to Jeff Walz and color commentator for UofL women's basketball radio broadcasts)

-Christine Krellwitz ( Asst. Athletic director)

-Anne Kordes ( the shy and unenthusiastic head coach of Louisville Volleyball -- Anne is worth at least $40 a head...)

-Shawn Watson (Charlie Strong's offensive coordinator and a VERY inspiring speaker).

Happy Hour starts at 4:30 p.m. Dinner at 6:30 p.m. and the speakers begin at 7:30 p.m.

Get your reservations by contacting Carolyn Enos @ (502)777-7389 or e-mail her at Get it done by Friday, August 5th. Cash, checks and credit cards accepted. Wampum, beads, beaver pelts and shiny objects frowned upon.

See ya there! (They've asked me to sweep up after the event and go from table to table refilling water. Loose coin possibilities! I'm so there, dude!)


One of the many things we have learned in the four plus years of covering UofL women's sports here at Cardinal Couple is that Madeline Abramson is a huge fan of UofL women's basketball. It turns out she is a battler just like the Lady Cards.

The wife of former Louisville mayor and current Kentucky Lt. Gov Jerry Abramson revealed Thursday that she is recovering from breast cancer and plans to resume her normal public schedule now that treatment is complete.

It was diagnosed during a routine mammogram this spring and she underwent surgery and radiation.

Jerry and Madeline can be seen at most UofL WBB home games sitting next to press row and both are avid fans of the Lady Cards. There is no better referee baiter than Jerry. It's always a treat to sit next to them at games. Bob Domine usually grabs that seat pretty quickly, though.  

We here at CARDINAL COUPLE wish "Maddie" the best and hope to see her this winter back at her regular seat cheering the Cards on to victory. She is an excellent example of grace and determination. She has already returned to her regular schedule, which includes work with the Kentucky Commission for Women, the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts and other civic and charitable organizations.

She'll also make an excellent First Lady of Kentucky when "Mayor Jer" becomes "Govnah Jer".

Early detection, folks. It probably saved her life. And, we can't afford to lose any readers, listeners and UofL women's sports fans. Please champion preventive health care and regular cancer screenings and participate in them.

The life you save may be your own.



  1. Romeo, where art thou? Paulie, you're killin me.

    --Joe Hill--

    1. Hiya, Joe! Heard you busted a leg up? E-mail or call me.



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