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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Who would be on your Louisville WBB TBT team? -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


(Jeff McAdams, the regular Sunday writer, is off chasing beautiful Nordic women around on a cruise, so I am filling in for him. I wish I was chasing beautiful Nordic wome around, too, but Sonja might object)  -- Paulie

It was with a bit of sadness we saw "The Ville" bow out of the TBT (The Basketball Tournament) on Saturday in Freedom Hall. Earlier in the day, our intrepid photographer and writer Jared Anderson came up with a women's Cardinals version of a TBT roster. And, he did quite well with his picks, I think. I've got my own team, as well, so let's have a look on who might play on this fictitious team in this fictitious tournament for the women.

Here's Jared's roster:

-- Asia AD Durr                                 -- Emily Engstlet

-- Myisha Hines-Allen                       -- Kasa Robinson

-- Monique Reid                                -- Kylee Shook

-- Dana Evans                                   -- Jaz Jones

-- Sam Fuehring                                -- Sara Hammond

He also had Cortnee Walton as a player/, Jess Laemmle as an assistant coach and Becky Burke as the head coach.

This is not a bad roster at all. You have scoring, rebounding and toughness. 

I looked at his picks, did some thinking and cam up with the roster below. 

-- Asia AD Durr                                    -- Asia Taylor

-- Angel McCoughtry                           -- Arica Carter

-- Monique Reid                                  -- Dana Evans

-- Jaz Jones                                        -- Emily Engstler

-- Sherrone Vails                                 -- Liz Dixon

I'd have Candyce Wheeler as an assistant coach, Becky Burke as an assistant and put Sam Purcell in the head coaching chair. Cortnee Walton would make a fine player/assistant coach.

(Get me that damn ball and get out of my way...)

You've probably got some own ideas on some players who might be on the roster. My dear Sonja looked at this roster and mentioned that, despite the current hard feelings concerning her....Hailey Van Lith would be a choice she'd have to put on this squad. I talked with the illustrious David Watson Saturday evening and he mentioned Jazz Covington and Shoni Schimmel as "must haves" on his roster. Case Hoskins said "A-Tayy"  and Angel were "must-haves" and you be wise to build your roster around that...

We are, of course, basing the roster on the players during the heyday of their careers. 

Feel free to leave a roster of your own in the comments section !


Four of us jammed into the phone booth yesterday to participate on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour podcast. Jeff is in the Nordic regions looking for girls named Helga or Heidi we have heard and we missed him. Eithet that, or we forgot totell him we were podcasting. Maybe he stood outside and checked ID's. I don't remember. .

It was a fun, fast paced show where we discussed Jared's honeymoon (sorry, girls -- he's "off the market" now,), Daryl's construction projects and Case's ambition to be a gumshoe detective in a 1940's noir thriller  Jared took photos of the entire show, including 178 selfies and I slept through most of it. 

Oh, yeah. We actually talked a lot of Uofl women's sports, too. How's women's soccer, Field Hockey, women's basketball and WNBA suit ya?

You can hear the rebroadcast by clicking Louie at the top of the page. 


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  1. I love both those lineups
    Wonder what a UConn WBB team would look like


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