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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Happy Independence Day -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

We here at Cardinal Couple would like to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! Participating in the day's activities may vary for different people when it comes to lake visits, barbecues, fireworks, staying in the air conditioning, or just resting, but we hope everyone can celebrate in whatever way they choose.

For those choosing to participate in the shooting of fireworks and explosives, please do so with caution so all of your limbs remain intact.

Hopefully we don't need to rely on Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith to save us from an alien invasion this year. In the event we do, a computer virus is the way to go.

We will resume with our regular coverage of the joy and excitement of UofL women's athletics tomorrow.

Happy 4th of July and Go Cards!


  1. Happy 4th to the guys and gals at Cardinal Couple.

    Hope you have a great one, whatever it is you decide to do. Bea and I just taking it easy, we had way-too-much excitement (and fear) Friday.

    We were walking through a local mall's parking lot to our car when a guy started staggering toward us and telling us to stop. I was curious, not afraid...I carry my Glock 43X with me (concealed carry permit) with me just about everywhere I go anymore...except on the Clemson campus.

    He proceeded to weave right up to me and began screaming incoherently about how the world was treating him bad and he was going to rob me of my wallet and Bea of her purse. (The guy could barely stand up) He was trying to reach in his pocket.

    I told Bea to get behind me, took a step backwards and brought out my Glock. I calmly told him to back off or I'd send him to meet his maker.

    He then stepped back and threw up violently in front of me. He remained bent over. A group of teens came up to us, they had seen the whole thing, and asked me if I needed help. I asked them to go find parking lot security.

    The guy tried to rise up but was unsteady and tumbled backward onto the parking lot. He lay there, screaming, until lot security arrived. By then a crowd had gathered. They got him to his feet, cuffed him and put him in their golf cart and drove him away.

    We were a bit shaken by all this and after we talked to one of the security guys who stayed behind to take the report, we decided to just go home and we've been here since.

    It's a strange world, kids.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  2. Prayers that you all are OK, Arthur. There are some nuts out there. Your recollection reminds me of 'crazy lady,: in Gatlinburg. Another tale...another time.

    Happy fourth all!


  3. Glad that you are OK, happy holiday to all.

    Nick O

  4. Dirty Harry -- damn! Glad you are OK. You can go anywhere with me.!

    Blue Lou

  5. Happy Independence Day

  6. David Watson7/04/2023 7:57 PM

    Happy 4th all. Glad you are OK Curtis and get ready for a night where your dogs are gonna go crazy with all the noise

    Dave O


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