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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Upcoming ACC Network Takeover Day -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

As we continue to progress with summer, the ACC Network has once again decided to host its 'ACC Network Takeover' where each member of the ACC will get a day to show games and events from their respective athletic programs. Louisville gets Monday, July 10. The ACC Network has released its schedule for that day.

ACC Network Schedule:

12:00 am: Baseball vs NC State (04/02/2023, 6-1 win)
3:00 am: Field Hockey vs Michigan (09/11/2022, 2-1 win)
4:30 am: '3-Day Weekend: Louisville edition'
5:00 am: Men's Soccer vs Pitt: (09/23/2022, 2-1 win)
7:00 am: Volleyball vs Kentucky (09/14/2022, 3-2 win)
9:00 am: Women's Basketball vs North Carolina (02/05/2023, 62-55 win)
11:00 am: Football vs Wake Forest (10/29/2022, 48-21 win)
2:00 pm: Women's Soccer vs Boston Coll├Ęge (10/09/2022, 1-0 win)
4:00 pm: Men's Basketball vs Clemson (02/18/2023, 83-73 win)
6:00 pm: Volleyball vs Oregon (12/10/2022, 3-2 win)
8:00 pm: Volleyball vs Pitt (12/15/2022, 3-2 win)
10:00 pm: Lacrosse vs Pitt (03/05/2023, 12-9 win)

Unsurpingly, the most recent school year was heavily dominated by the women's athletic programs and those women's teams will have seven games featured in the 24-hour slate.

Paulie and I were present when field hockey hosted then- #4 Michigan at Trager Stadium. While the Wolverines scored first in the third quarter, the Cards answered less than a minute later before scoring again with less than five minutes remaining in regulation.

The match volleyball had against Kentucky was in Lexington. Paulie, Jeff, and I were all present for it with Jeff in the crowd, Paulie on media row making friends, and myself on the court taking pictures. In a normal UofL vs UK thriller, the two teams battled it close with the Cards prevailing in the final set.

When women's basketball faced North Carolina, it was already apparent that Louisville was having a little bit of a 'down year' and even trailed this game at the half. The Cards led by one with 6:10 remaining before having the advantage down the stretch.

Women's soccer had lost four straight, all in ACC play, before Boston College visited Lynn Stadium last fall. A corner kick midway through the first half bounced around before the Cards capitalized for the match's lone goal.

Volleyball against Oregon in the Elite Eight is one that had UofL as nervous as can be. The Cards had their backs against the wall in the fourth set as Oregon held match point. Louisville went on beyond the standard 25 points in that set to win before winning the fifth set fairly easily.

The Final Four match against Pitt will go down in history as one of Louisville volleyball's greatest matches of all time. The two ACC rivals battled it out after splitting the regular season and Louisville dominated the fifth set of the final meeting 15-2.

The lacrosse match against Pitt was a rare home event that we didn't have anyone physically present. This fell on the same day as the ACC Women's Basketball Championship, which Louisville was playing in. This was the first of Louisville's two ACC wins. The Cards scored the match's final three goals to pull away for the win.

Sadly, I'll miss the entire day's showing, but I was fortunate enough to witness most of these in person and see more online.

Honeymoon Time

After almost a full month of being married, Katy and I finally get ready for our honeymoon! We will fly out of Louisville tomorrow and will be taking a nine-day cruise through the Caribbean that departs Saturday. As we will be having limited access to wifi, I will be away from the site for a week and a half.

The awesome Cardinal Couple crew has been kind enough to cover for me while I am out and all of them are excellent writers so make sure to tune in daily to see what they will bring to us.

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!


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