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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Thoughts and meanderings on the NCAA WBB -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE



I happened to come across an article (not sure who wrote it) recently where the author was trying to visualize who would be on the Mt. Rushmore of Women's College Basketball. In case Mt. Rushmore doesn't ring a bell with you, it's that great carving out of rock in South Dakota with four president's on it. 

(Bonus points if you can name the presidents...)

If there were to be a rock carving of four great figures in women's college basketball, who would you put on there? I think you've got to go with coaches, and you need Pat Summit and Geno, right? I'd make sure there was plenty of talk and consideration to have a spot for Dawn Staley, also. Let's not forget C. Viv Stringer, either,  Maybe some wouldn't. It probably comes down to two "sure Picks" and a debate over the final two. Tara Vavderveer is going to get a lot of calls for inclusion. 

How about the most recent national champ coach? Does Mulkey make your "mountain"? 

As for me, I'd eliminate Mulkey immediately. Even with the three championships. There's just too much baggage in her bin. You don't see a lot of former players lining up to sing her praises and credit her for changing their lives. Geno, Pat, Staley, C.Viv. and Tara can point to the ones who would go to battle for them. . 

She started in Louisiana (Tech) and is now back in Louisiana (State University)...allegedly for love of the state (Surely money had nothing to do with it, right?}  Administrators see her as someone who wins and builds programs. But, it doesn't get her on that fictitious stone carving in my book. 

I pick Tara VanderVeer. 37 years. Over 1,000 wins. I also pick C. Viv Stringer. 50 years as a head coach at three different schools and that rounds out my four....along with Geno and Pat. 

I've been fortunate to have met and talked with three of my four picks. Someday, I hope to meet Tara, too. 


Enough, already on this Angel Reese and Caitlan Clark stull. In these days, players are going to talk a little smack. Don't think Hailey doesn't either...she does. 

But quit making a issue over it, general media and fans. It went on yesterday, it'll go on next season and beyond. It's a part of the game now. Get used to it. There will be more of it next year and in the future. 





  1. Jill Biden is a joke. Typical privileged white lady. LSU won and if they don't go, who can blame them?

  2. Great coach winning at two different places is a hard to accomplish.


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