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Friday, April 28, 2023

Softball Hosts Senior Weekend -- HVL to LSU -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

We have finally reached the beginning of the weekend! The weekend brings several UofL sporting events on the women's side. Track and Field and Softball. We'll look at Softball today, plus news on a former WBB player here at the Ville. 

Softball Hosts Boston College for Senior Weekend

Louisville softball will play at Ulmer Stadium for the final time this season with a three-game series against Boston College this weekend. The Cards are set to play at 6:00 Friday, 2:00 Saturday, and 12:00 Sunday.

The Cards enter the weekend 32-14. Their 13-4 conference record places them third in the ACC.

For Louisville, five seniors will be recognized on Senior Day, which will be held before Saturday's game. Taylor Roby (pitcher), Hannah File (first base), Makayla Hurst (pinch hitter), Taja Felder (pitcher), and Elana Ornelas (third base) will be recognized.

Boston College comes into the weekend 21-25 on the year. The Eagles have had a down year and have struggled both offensively and defensively. 

Nicole Giery powers the way with a .307 batting average, the only player on the BC roster above .300. As a whole, Boston College averages .239 at the plate. Giery and Hannah Slike are both above 40 hits on the year at 46 and 41, respectively.

Abby Dunning and Susannah Anderson have split the bulk of the work in the circle. The former carries a 3.60 ERA and a team-high 10 wins while the later has a 5.43 ERA and seven wins. Dunning has struck out 134 batters..

The Cards lead the series 10-6. Tonight's game will be on ACCNX.

Hailey Van Lith Commits to LSU

Former Louisville guard Hailey Van Lith announced her commitment to LSU. After spending three seasons with Louisville that featured a pair of Elite Eight appearances and a Final Four, Van Lith will utilize her final two years of eligibility with the Tigers. She is part of the last class to be allotted an extra year of eligibility due to COVID-19.

Fans and media had mixed responses to the announcement of her leaving Louisville and then finding out yesterday's news. I'm a bit on the disappointed side of how everything transpired, but have turned my attention back to Louisville in excitement for next season.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast Resumes

After taking Thunder Over Louisville Saturday off, we will be back with the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. While Daryl will be unavailable, it sounds promising to have Paulie, Jeff, Case, and myself ready to go.

We will be taking next Saturday, May 6, off. It has been traditional for us to take a break from the former radio and current podcast off in celebration of the Kentucky Derby.

Happy Friday and Go Cards!


  1. Good morning Cards Nation
    On HVL I'm glad that she came and played for the Cardinals for 3 years. She could have went straight to Baylor but she didn't so moving on. I think the Cards will have a better team next year more options on offense and taller guards.

  2. For me, it's this.
    I don't usually have negative feelings towards players who leave, but in Hailey's case, for three years I was invested in her so much because of the way she talked about loving it here, the way she represented.
    Now it all feels fake, and I HATE fake.
    That is all.

  3. Saw where JP said something hinting about Spear.

    1. Now that's good news if we can get jewels. oh boy!!

  4. I like Kim Mulkey she's a winner but I think she's a little cocky and arrogant.

    1. Mulkey's ego is the size of Louisiana. And, she's overly dramatic and way too cocky. I could do without her.

      Nick O

  5. She got her degree, did some good things here and moved on. Be thankful for what you got. New chapter time.

  6. David Watson4/29/2023 10:00 AM

    Hey, Ho !
    It's Dave-O !

    There is no joy in being the jilted bride.

    Louisville WBB fans are a passionate tribe that loves the players who step on the court for Jeff Walz, Louie, and Robbie Bartlett.

    My buddy Paulie told me some interesting facts about Robbie recently during a long and lengthy talk. She is not only a talented singer, but was a excellent high school basketball player at Fern Creek, and deserves to be in their Hall of Fame. She has had a life-long love affair with the Louisville campus, city of Louisville and the nightclub scene in 'da Viile' . She is a true Louisville hero.

    She even sang in chorus during high school with Paulie and anyone who can survive something like that not only deserves the key to the city...but the whole damn door, frame and front porch to the city.

    Van Lith is not the anointed and appointed savior for women's college basketball. .

    She ultimately grabbed for the golden ring on the Merry Go Round because she couldn't get it here at Louisville. Her best wasn't good enough. She was a big fish in a small pond and has decided to become a "Kato" to the "Green Hornet" (Angel Reese) down at the crazy lady's school . Because it is all about the money, NIL, recognition, fame, media exposure, baseball and football, and a chance to grab the coattails of a national champion and see if she can hitch a ride as LSU goes for two.

    I hope she fails, and fails badly. I see tons of problems with her and the ego of Reese on the same team and with the crazy lady in charge...the voodoo and the hoodoo of the bayou has very strong juju.

    And don't think that South Carolina is going to roll over meekly and say...'Oh, yes. We admit it. We suck and you are superior'. Don't think for one moment that Sam Purcell is going to quake in his shoes and assume the submissive position. Does Kellie Harper at UT looked scared?

    Their first mistake at LSU is praising Van Lith's point-guard skills. She is not a point-guard. She is a ball-hogging shooting guard. That ought to work real well with Reese. How many orange orbs will they allow on the court during a game? This isn't pop-a-shot.

    Hey bayou dwellers, here comes another huckster to the swamp. Someday, the "so-unaware" NCAA will catch up with Crazy Lady and figure out she pays better than a Fortune 500 company to a talented marketing exec when it comes to potential players.

    Will she take Jack Harlow with her? That is the only question that remains.

    In the meantime, Jeff Walz keeps pulling keepers out of the transfer portal stream. Can he bring "Fear the Spear' to the Ville?

    Welcome to the lonely-heart, jilted and survivors club, Cardinals fans. Go ahead, take a swing at her...Sonya Morris.

    David Watson

  7. HVL was interviewed recently and she was asked some questions on why she wanted to go to LSU, her response was, and I am paraphrasing, that the fans support the womans basketball team like no other fans do. And that she likes the way the LSU team plays tough and hard, plus Kim Mulkey could help her get to the next level. I wish she just said that she wanted to win a championship and she felt LSU could repeat. Instead, she back door insults the fans of Louisville and her ex-coach. Just my opinion. Now let's wrap our arms around our new team members and kick some rear ends this year. GO CARDS!

    I'll be damned.

    1. agree 100% bad mouthing the great fans and coach is really crummy

  8. Get a life people. She is and will always be a UL grad/alum. Wish her well. If she went to WNBA, she would get $70 as a rookie. This way she gets 500k at LSU. Way to go Hailey!


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