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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Kiki Jefferson Joins UofL WBB -- Tennis Upsets Syracuse -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Kiki Jefferson Commits to Louisville

Photo courtesy of Kiki Jefferson's Twitter

James Madison University transfer Kiki Jefferson announced her commitment to Louisville last night on Twitter. Jefferson joins the Cards for her final year of eligibility, thanks to the COVID-19 year, after four seasons with JMU.

While with the Dukes, Jefferson started nearly every game of her four year career and became highly decorated. She was named the 2023 Sun Belt Player of the Year and 2023 Sun Belt Tournament Most Outstanding Player. She ranks second in made career free throws (550), fifth in points per game (15.8), sixth in all-time points (1,838), and sixth in career free throw percentage (80.2). Jefferson is also a career .339 three-point shooter. She averaged 7.0 rebounds per game in her time at JMU.

Photo courtesy of Kiki Jefferson's Twitter

Jefferson joins a somewhat slim Louisville roster. Returnees from last season include Olivia Cochran, Merissah Russell, Nyla Harris, and Alexia Mobley. Eylia Love transferred in midseason from Georgia Tech but was ineligible to play in the 2022-2023 season. Jayda Curry joined...she was previously at Cal. Hennie Van Schaik announced her transfer in from Cal State Bakersfield last week. Jefferson puts the roster at eight.

Ideally, we hope to see about three more players join the Cards before the start of the season to help fill out the roster...the chatter is that Walz wants 10-11 on the roster. 

Women's Tennis Upsets Syracuse to Close Regular Season

Photo courtesy of Louisville Athletics

Louisville women's tennis closed out the regular season by upsetting #36 Syracuse 4-3. The win is the lone win in ACC play for the Cards, who earned the 14-seed in the upcoming ACC Tournament.

The Cards claimed the doubles point to start the event. Rhea Verma and Andrea DiPalma took down the top Syracuse doubles squad 7-5. Cici Xin and Jamilah Snells fell in the second doubles group 7-5. Syracuse was not able to field a third doubles team, allowing the Cards to earn the point by default.

In singles play, Andrea DiPalma won her match-up 6-3, 6-4. Rhea Verma won 4-6, 6-3, 6-1. The Orange won the match-ups on courts three, four, and five. Syracuse was not able to field a player on the sixth court, forfeiting the point and giving Louisville the win.

The ACC Tournament begins Wednesday. Louisville will face Boston College at 12:30 p.m. at the Cary Tennis Park in Cary, N.C.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. Hello Friends !
    Arthur Here !
    Big time get in Kiki Jefferson ! I've watched her progress with JMU over the past couple of years and know she's got over-the-top game. Was hoping maybe Amanda would....nah...never mind...she couldn't recruit a fly to land on a pile of horse poop.

    We do play softball pretty good, though, and invite Winthrop in for a game today before jumping back into conference to play Pitt. Bea is up to travelling again, so we've been driving in to catch a few home softball and lacrosse games.

    How many more is Walz going to "beam in from the portal"? and where'd that lil' blonde haired girl who likes to shoot all the time end up?

    You Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

    1. Supposedly visiting LSU, so there goes that "closer to home" crap.
      Guess getting a master's could still be in play, but now I'm thinking greener grass as the motive.

  2. It's great to have JC, Lele , kiki & HVS Go Cards.

  3. Arthur, glad to hear Bea is well enough to travel again! Is your son still there, too?

    I saw where Tigers WBB had seven enter the portal but recently got Dayshanette Harris from Pitt. Amanda's got to be a bit worried, ypu lost some big scorers in Spray, Bennett and Cherry.


  4. Every day it is portal this or portal that. I will tell you this. It's only going to get worse. Ladies and gents, stick a fork in college sports as we once knew it. Sadly, imho, it's being driven by millionaire owners selling a pipe dream just like the lottery. Instant potatoes.

    These youngsters have no clue of what the "college experience" is supposed to be.

    All these kids who enter the portal will find out in adult life there are no transfer portals. But some in the government are trying to create for some people a portal they can enter so they can find ways out hard work and competition through bureaucratic government programs. That will enable some people to become non productive individuals who do not want to make positive contributions to make this great country better. They seem to be looking for the easy way out.

    IMHO the transfer portal is teaching kids if life gets too hard they can enter the transfer portal looking for easier options or a way to avoid competition for a spot in sports or in life. And, in the Cavinder's and Van Lith cases, a bigger market to love and bow and scrape to them.

    I can't tell how many people I heard complain this past season that "Van Lith shoots too much" or "She doesn't play defense..." But everyone screamed and cried like a bride left at the alter when she left.

    The era of super-teams through portal-juggling is on us. LSU had nine transfers on their national championship team. Thanks for screwing up college sports, NCAA.

    Uncle Bob

  5. LSU hosting Hailey Van Lith for Official visit.

    Curtis "Bee Kind" Franklin


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