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Thursday, July 21, 2022


Hello readers! No, you didnt get your days mixed up.  It's only Thursday.. and it's Daryl here with you.  Jared and I switched our days this week since today is my boyfriends birthday, so we have dinner plans this evening, he just doesn't know it yet. 

Photo taken by Jared Anderson 
Paulie gave Thomas and I his football tix for UofL vs Clemson 2021 (it did not go our way)

As the guys have been getting us ready for the squads we get to watch on their particular fields or courts, I can help but catch myself often looking for the real things all around me.   I've mentioned it before but it's one of my favorite hobbies to watch cardinal birds near me.  I could be stopped at a red light with the windows down and hear the call of a Cardinal bird and trying to locate the red beauty while stuck in traffic on Third Street near Belknap campus.   Which some could equate to the feeling of a long volley and score at L&N Arena or the pass inside the box and into the back of the net at Lynn Stadium. 

In true Louisville Cardinal fan fashion..  I made a TikTok to share :) Give it a view! 

Thomas and I also came across an informative video into the lives of Cardinal birds.  It had some interesting facts I didn't know about our beloved mascot.  Check it out in the link below and let us know if you learned anything new about the birds!

Here are 4 interesting facts about our favorite bird!!

Fact #1:

Cardinals are typically the first bird to visit feeders in the morning and the last to visit in the evenings.  Early bird gets the best pick of the seeds! 

Fact #2:

The Northern Cardinal’s name dates back to the time of the United States founding colonists, stemming from the similarity of the males’ vibrant red plumage to the red biretta and vestments of distinguishable Catholic cardinals.

Fact #3:

Northern Cardinals are classified as granivorous animals because they live on a diet consisting of mostly seeds. Their short, stout, cone-shaped beaks are specially designed to crack open the hulls on seeds and shells on nuts.  I'll refrain from making a sports related joke on that note.  Sunflower seeds are the Cardinals' favorite so load up those feeders! 

Fact #4:

The Northern Cardinal is the official state bird of 7 eastern states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.

As we get ready for the 2022 season, I thought you might like a little background knowledge on the mascot. We always like to know how many goals a player has scored or blocks a player has created, get Louie's family's stats. 

As Always, Go Cards!   Our great STATE Bird!!! 


  1. David Watson7/21/2022 8:37 AM

    Very interesting info on the Cardinal bird. We had several feeders for them when we lived in Muncie tears ago and kept them stocked with sunflower seeds. The Bluejay and Blackbird (Starling) were always competitors with them, though.
    When we moved to Florida, we found many competitors for those sunflower seeds in the feeders, though, and had one very crafty neighborhood cat that would hide in the bushes and pounce on birds eating sunflower seeds that had fallen onto the ground. 'So we abandoned the idea/ I still love to see them, since my two favorite sports teams are Cardinals -- UofL and Ball State.

    Dave O

  2. I have actually seen a yellow Cardinal bird that the you tube clip speaks of. Amazing.


  3. I had a flock of Cardinals and a few mockingbirds in a territorial battle a few years ago, until a neighbor suggested I take the suet off my bird feeders. I did and in a couple of years ,the mockingbirds no longer came around. I do miss their early morning imitation calls, though.

    Blue Lou.

  4. I hate it when announcers refer to UofL as Cardinal and not Cardinals. We are NOT Stanford.

    Nick O


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