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Sunday, July 24, 2022

NIL Can Help Others - Sunday Cardinal Couple

Van Lith, Robinson and Carr Give Back

Family Scholar House is a charitable organization based here in Louisville that works to end the cycle of poverty by supporting single parents and their children trying to gain an education.  They provide holistic support for both the parent and kids that are looking to forward their education.  That support can include housing and other financial support, along with tutoring services and other educational support, and more.

Hailey Van Lith and Cardinals WBB student-athletes Mykasa Robinson, and Chrislyn Carr used some of their star power and teamed up with Family Scholar House and J C Penney to gift a $150 shopping spree to Family Scholar House kids.

Athletes at the University of Louisville and other schools are broadly involved in charitable activities and giving back to their community in various ways, and occasionally the efforts are significant enough to "make the news".

This event was part of an NIL deal between Van Lith and J C Penney.  As part of the deal J C Penney put on this event and included two of Van Lith's teammates in the event as well.  It included a portable stage set up outside Mall St. Matthews, food and games outside, and of course, the shopping spree inside. 

Originally today's article was going to have some critique of the media coverage of the event, which almost universally focused on Van Lith's involvement, to the point of not mentioning Robinson or Carr in most of the coverage.  But the event was a result of Van Lith's NIL deal, so to some degree the focus on her specifically is warranted.  Kudos to Eric Crawford's coverage for explaining the background of the deal, how it came to be, and Van Lith's emphasis on including such philanthropic efforts as part of her NIL deals.  This background information was completely absent from most media coverage of the event.

Family Scholar House is doing some great things in our community and is a growing organization with worthy goals.  It's good to see UofL WBB athletes teaming up with the organization and using their privilege to lift up others.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast

With 3/5th of a full house, Jared, Paulie, and myself joined up to put out another episode of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Podcast yesterday.  With the Bats in town this weekend, Daryl was unavailable, and Case came down ill and was a late scratch.  We hope for rest and recuperation for Case, of course.

The three of us discussed the big three fall sports and what fans should expect and some tips on how to prepare for attending Field Hockey, Women's Soccer, and Volleyball.  Check it out at or just about any podcast directory:



  1. Hello Friends!
    Arthur Here !

    Another amazing act of kindness and giving back from Hailey. She is surely something special. Bea and I spend a few hours each week helping out at the local elementary during school reading to the kindergarten kids. It is so rewarding and to see their eyes light up when we read a story. Hopefully, WE CAN DO IT AGAIN THIS FALL. Masks are back in place for the school year, we understand, and we don't know if we'll be allowed on school grounds because of fear of COVID spread.

    SORRY to hear of Jared getting COVID. Glad you were asymptomatic and your love didn't catch it.

    Your Friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC

  2. Talk about guards building a strong preseason bond...another example of how WBB gives back to the community.

    Blue Lou

  3. Classy, gotta LOVE Hailey for representing the way she does.
    And Kudos to Crawford, he writes great columns on Louisville WBB.


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