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Saturday, July 2, 2022

A Way Too Early Look at the Louisville WBB Roster -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

First off, this is Saturday and, no I'm not Case.  He was compromised by an early departure date this Saturday to enjoy a traditional weekend event with family and friends, so he sent out the "Bird signal" (not the bat signal from the series "Batman" that starred Adam West and Burt Ward}. Since I was apparently the only Cardinal Couple writer up at 7:15 this morning, I am assuming the position and taking the write for Saturday. 

So, on this celebration weekend of the fourth of July, let's talk a little hoops. Why not? There's not much else going on in Louisville women's sports besides schedules for the fall and rosters for the teams playing.  Although we do not know  the UofL WBB schedule yet , we recently found out about a roster addition -- 6'5" grad transfer Josie Williams from Utah Valley State. 

Williams boosts the Cardinals numbers to 15 student athletes. Seven played for Louisville last year (Van Lith, Robinson, Cochran, Dixon, Russell, Verhulst and Konno), five are freshmen  (Walker, Harris, Brown, Mobley and Lester) and three are recent "transfers-in" (Jones, Carr and Williams). 

Breaking down the roster by "position" (although this doesn't always play out as designed and I still wish the "wing" players would be designated with a "W") the Cards have nine guards, five forwards and no position designation for Williams yet. She was a center for four years at Utah Valley State, but that means nothing in the Walz system. 

By class?  We mentioned the five freshmen...there are also one sophomore (Verhulst), three juniors (Van Lith, Russell and Cochran), one senior (Konno) and five "Grads" in Robinson, Dixon, Jones, Carr and Williams.  

Sydni Schetnan was not listed on the 2022-23 roster for basketball, we can only assume is following through with her plan to play basketball one tear, see how it went and then going to Volleyball.  

Are you one that likes to identify your favorite players by their jersey number? Well, here you go! 

#1 -- Zyanna Walker  #2 Nyla Harris  #3 Chrislyn Carr  #5 Mykasa Robinson  #10 Hailey Van Lith  #11 Norika Konno  #12 Payton Verhulst  #13 Merissah Russell  #15 Javin Brown  #22 Liz Dixon  #23 Alexia Mobley  #24 Morgan Jones  #32 Imani Lester and #44 Olivia Cochran. We've seen pictures of Josie Williams in #40 and that was her number at Utah Valley St., so we'll assume that'll continue at the 'Ville". 

The Cards by height?  We'll start at 6'5" with Dixon and Williams. 6'3" goes to Cochran and Lester, and 6'2" includes Jones, Mobley and Harris. Verhulst checks in at 6'1" and at 6'0" we have Brown. Under 6 feet? How about Russell at 5'11", Konno at 5'10" Walker at 5'8", Robinson and Van Lith at 5'7"  and Carr at 5'5"  In the long standing Cardinal Couple tradition of "Attack Yorkies" on the WBB roster, Carr qualifies and joins a heralded list of 5'5" and under that includes Shelby Harper, Dakota Weatherford and Jess Laemmle. 

It was way too early to speculate on starters, who'll get key minutes and such, but, I'll leave you with five "teasers" 

1) Expect Hailey to "Van Lift" her stats and importance this season. Kianna is gone, So is Chelsie. It's Hailey's team now at guard. 

2) You're gonna love Morgan Jones, She's a player, y'all. She tried to blow up Louisville in a visit to the KFC YUM! Center when she was a Seminole and if she can get close to that as a Card, look out. 

3) The battle for the boards. The Cards should pound the rebounds with Mobley, Cochran, Dixon, Harris and Lester. 

4) Dude, Where's my Carr?  Playing off the movie title from 2000. Chrislyn Carr is a steady point guard that'll keep defenses in a state of disarray and feed her teammates. Oh yeah, she's a scorer. too

5) Mi Casa es su Kasa.  Mykasa Robinson will be her usual brilliant self on the court and be invaluable to the Cards defensive efforts and fast breaks. .  

It should be a really fun season. Is Walz through gathering players for the 2022-23 squad?  I guess only he and the staff know that for sure, and they ain't talkin' about it...but you gotta love what's on the roster so far. 



  1. Gimmie Van Lith, Jones, Carr, Cochran and Dixon as starters.

    Blue Lou

  2. I'm with Jeff, I think "Attack Yorkie" is 5'6"....because I always thought of it in terms of my height. But, I could be wrong.


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