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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Sunday Cardinal Couple - Gameday vs Duke

WBB vs Duke

The Cards play host at the KFC Yum! Center today against Joanne P. McCallie and her Duke Blue Devils.

The Dukies come in to town with an overall record of 7-6, and a 1-1 conference record.  We discussed the Blue Devils, and their schedule/results on the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour yesterday.  Frankly, we weren't that impressed.  I try to stay positive and respectful of opponents, particularly conference opponents, but sometimes you just have to call it what it is.

The most impressive win on the Duke schedule is against ACC basement dweller Boston College.  Let that sink in a minute.  The next best wins are against...UNLV?  High Point?  We're not talking college basketball elite, here.  Loses come from Texas A&M, Northwestern, a 43 point pasting by South Carolina (which, at least is a good team, but...43 points.), and...checks notes...FGCU?  Yikes.

Duke, and McCallie, has had some good players in the past, and I've always considered her a good recruiter, and potentially good coach on the practice court.  I've also gone on record as believing that she is not a good on-floor coach, particularly with respect to clock management, and drawing up plays for particular situations.  I will acknowledge that I may be spoiled to the absolute genius, or should I say mad scientist, of Jeff Walz in those categories.

So, who do we need to be watching for on this Duke team?

The biggest scoring threat is Haley Gorecki, averaging 17.5 points per game.  She's followed up by Leaonna Odom, and Miela Goodchild, with 14.1 and 11.0, respectively.  Gorecki also dishes well, with nearly double the assists of Odom, with the second highest totals on the team.  Shot blocking is led by Onome Akinbode-James, but she has only 13 on the season.  Compare that to Kylee Shook's 34, and E Balogun's 17, and I like our presence in the paint.  Duke leads opponents overall (but, again, look at strength of schedule) in the steals and blocks stats categories, but trails in turn-overs and assists.

The game is at 2 p.m. at the KFC Yum! Center and will be aired on the ACC Network, so you have the option of either streaming, or linear TV for this one...and, always a good choice...Nick and A.J.. on Cards Radio 790 WKRD. 

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Well, there's no actual radio involved anymore, and things are a bit barebones at the moment, and we had some sort of audio routing issue yesterday, but the CCRH is alive and kicking.  We'll sort out the audio issues, and we're still considering options for when and where to do the show.  The location we were in yesterday probably has the best setup for audio for us, but Saturday mornings are the busiest time of the week for the facility (it's used for far more than just podcasting!). 

We're considering a possible change to the show time, perhaps to Tuesday night?  We do feel very strongly about maintaining the live broadcast aspect of it, but we kinda feel like the actual time frame of that live broadcast is not as important.  Let us know what you think in the comments.

In this inaugural podcast broadcast, we dove into the latest basketball win at Clemson, and previewed this afternoon's Duke contest.  You can laugh along with us as we get adjusted to a new facility, and setup.

And, for the next benefit of switching to Youtube, I can post here, not just a link to the broadcast, but can embed the broadcast itself.

Again, apologies for the audio issues, we'll get that figured out, and I hope you enjoy the latest show.  Click subscribe and ring the bell to be notified of future shows.  I know we're excited for the possibilities that we have with this setup and format.  We'll continue to grow and develop, that I promise.



  1. I click the link but it says unavailable on podcast.

    Cards need to come out today like they did against Clemson. Since everyone here at the site is doing it, here's my
    "Nick" report for what I'd like to see today.

    N - Next. Next is Duke. They aren't the Duke of a few years ago. What I worry about is a "Bounce" from the Cards. After the Clemson clobbering, the Cards must maintain the intensity. Get behind them, crowd.

    I - Intensity. I loved the way the Cards came out and set aside Clemson early. Can they re-create that beginning of game intensity and maintain it four quarters? Here's hoping so.

    C - Consistency. Good passes, no lapses in performance, finding the open shooter, and Dana and "E" re-creating the Clemson effort. Turnovers still have to drop to under 10 a game and the defense needs to be consistently good.

    K - Kill mentality. Louisville teams of the past had that kill factor. The Cards returned to that in the first half against Clemson.
    Dana, Jaz and squad need to keep throwing dirt on the casket after it's been lowered into the ground.

    Nick O

    1. Yes, sorry about that. There was a checkbox behind about 15 layers of dialogs to "Allow embedding" that I thought was the default setting.

      Should be working now.

      Technology! Sheesh.

  2. Gettin ready for a dumping of Duke. No other ACC team I'd rather beat more, in any sport. You got this Cards.

    Boys, the podcast idea is a good one. Keep workin on it. I podcast a lot of stuff, especially now I'm not able to get out and do much because of my foot.

    Foot not healing the way the doctor wants, so he put me in a walking cast Friday. Probably my fault, I can't stay still.I might need a redshirt season. Won't be in YUM today. Go get me a W Paulie, Jeff and Jared.

    Curtis "Back on the IR unable to perform list" Franklin

    1. Feel better, Curtis ! And listen to the doctor.


  3. It appears that we need to dig out the old promotions from when the men were called the "cardiac cards". These women are definitely messing with my heart rate.


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