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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

New Rankings -- Debate Question -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

New Rankings, Cards Come in Fifth

With #1, #2, and #3 all losing over the weekend we saw a major shakeup in the latest AP Poll.  For Louisville, the good news is that the Cards moved up to #5.

South Carolina climbed from #4 to #1.  Their sole loss came in the Paradise Jam to a tough Indiana team.

Baylor moved from #6 all the way up to #2 after taking down UConn in the XL Center.  Kim Mulkey's squad has lost just once, to the current #1 team back during the Paradise Jam.

Stanford went from #5 to #3.  They too only have one loss, a shocker at Texas right before Christmas.

UConn dropped from #1 to #4.  Following suit with the rest of the Top Five, they have one loss, which just happened in the aforementioned section.

Louisville is #5 after a blowout win at Miami and a pretty strong home victory against Wake Forest.

Oregon dropped from #2 to #6 after losing to Arizona State.

UCLA moved up a spot from #8 to #7.

Oregon State dropped from #3 to #8 after also losing to the Sun Devils.

NC State remained at #9 and Mississippi State moved from #13 to #10 to round out the Top 10.

Kentucky is flirting with the Top 10 after coming in at #11.  Besides their loss to the superior Cards, they also got a whooping against South Carolina to start 2020.

Florida State comes in at #13 to finish out the three ACC schools in the Top 25.

Debate Question

I like to start some debates every one in a while and the closing seconds of Sunday's win sparked a discussion among some of us photographers.

When do you empty your bench when it's clear you're going to win and at what point is it too late in the game to bother putting the bench in?

Jeff Walz sent Molly Lockhart, Lindsey Duvall, and Jessica Laemmle to the scorers table to check in right at the one minute mark against Wake Forest.  After the Cards scored with 27 seconds remaining Walz called a timeout to allow the trio to check into the game.  Their time consisted of playing defense down the court and the Demon Deacons hitting a three to close out the game.

By that time there wasn't much point in having them go in.  With so little time left it almost seems
insulting to be sent into the game.

Had they come in with a minute and a half or so then they would have had the opportunity for a couple series up and down the court, although still not enough for any real game play experience.

So let me know your opinion on the debate question.  I'd love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to check back tomorrow to read some of the comments, please add your own and catch Paulie's interview with Softball head coach Holly Aprile. The squad goes into their second week of practice and there are a few changes we need to familiarize ourselves with.

Happy Tuesday and Go Cards!



  1. That late into a game it is usually just a chance for the fans to cheer the starters for their effort. And, Walz is here to win games, not empty the bench as soon as possible. Hey, you don't want to go in? THEN, JUST SIT THERE is my thoughts. As a player, I would have gone in, merely to let someone who busted their ass for 30 minutes or so get some applause and love from the crowd when they come out.

    I think he "maybe" could have substituted earlier, but Konno didn't come in Robinson, if you will remember, until there were just two minutes left. It's also kind of a tribute to the huge effort Wake gave the Cards. It is kind of a Hey, I better not pull people, this opponent is capable of coming back and winning.

    Curtis "I'll play all day, but if I sit, that's OK" Franklin

  2. A chance for the fans to cheer the regulars is all it is. And as a player, it's kinda your duty as a member of a team to go in no matter if it's for 2 seconds. You can't say I'm not. And we've all seen what happens sometimes when the bench gets emptied too early and the other team still has it's regulars out there, if you're not winning by 20+.
    Now, on the other hand, if I'm on the losing team in a blowout and I'm a regular, I'm ready to come on out and let some bench players play the last few minutes no problem.
    I'm glad our program is now one of those that doesn't have that problem of being on the losing side of blowouts.
    That being said, I DO NOT feel sorry about Stuffy Muffy and her program.
    They got the snot beat out of them by NC State Sunday, and are having a losing season so far. I personally don't remember them ever being this bad.

    1. I am enjoying every bit of this faltering ND season for WBB. Love seeing Muf-fart being taken down a few notches and stay can stay down there at the bottom of the conference for eternity, as far as I am concerned.

  3. Up by as much as we were, I would prefer that he do the substitutions a little earlier. Even as early as half way through the 4th quarter. By doing that, it could even be gradual. IMHO...I've never been a basketball coach or even a player.

  4. at least you are winning games big. Don't get the worry about late sub patterns must be a louisville thing

  5. I am whole-heartily opposed to any actions that will cut down on the playing time of my Yorkie Jess and Lil Duv.


    1. I agree more molly also the team going to need her next season.

  6. Hello Friends!

    Arthur here !

    Well, it's been a busy past few days for your Clemson buddy and my wife. New Orleans and the National Championship in the SuperDome and what a incredible facility that is ! We went down to "bayou country" a couple of days early and got to check out a few sights and areas. Bourbon Street is madness. Then the game, which started out well for us but LSU soon figured out our defense and the rest was, well, tough to sit through. Nevertheless, an incredible run for my Tigers and proud of them. I hope Louisville fans get to experience it someday, this National Championship experience in football.

    I actually wore my Louisville Sweet 16 shirt on Bourbon Street the first night we were there that you sent me, Paulie. I got some great comments, like "Is Louisville playing here?" and one guy who had had a few and wanted to argue with me that Asia Durr was the best player ever to play for WBB. I still have her third behind Angel and Shoni but he ended up buying our drinks, so, that wasn't so bad. After a couple of hurricanes, we were ready to head to the hotel ! Whew! We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel on Bourbon Street and I highly recommend it next time any of you readers are down here. Beautiful !

    Then my Tigers MBB with the upset win over Duke last night. We barely got home from New Orleans and then went to campus for the upset, so we've been living out of suitcases for awhile. They stormed the court at Littlejohn after the win and I almost got trampled by students !

    As far as Jared and his piece on substitutions and when is it too late to enter them in a game, I offer this: A coach has to use his discretion on so many things during the course of a game and, I think, only empty the bench when he's sure that, either the victory is secured or, if he's on the losing end, he's waving the white flag and sending in the reserves to indicate to the other coach, "O, you got us, I want to play some kids who might learn from this". Maybe Walz was waiting for Jen Hoover to make the first move and send in her reserves? The debate continues I guess.

    I'm up early today while Bea sleeps and thought I'd check in on my Louisville pals. We'll head back to Greer later this morning for a day at home then it's back here to see our WBB squad, hopefully get a win over Pitt Thursday evening. Looking forward to hearing your talk with softball in Wednesday's article, Paulie. We're taking on that sport for the first time ever down here this season and I'm glad. My son and I played slow pitch together years ago, me being the old second baseman who could hit singles and still having a good glove and he was a powerhouse first baseman who rattled fences in the church league we played in.

    Your friend
    #1 Clemson Fan
    Greer, SC


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