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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Cards Prepare for Virginia -- Spring Sports Media Day I -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Cards Prepare for Virginia

Get your naps in today because it's going to be a late one!  Louisville basketball is set for an ACC showdown against Virginia tonight at 8:00.

Virginia comes into the KFC Yum! Center carrying a 7-11 record with a 2-5 conference record.  On the other side, the Cardinals are 18-1 and sit at 7-0 atop the ACC.

The Cavaliers, or unofficially but more commonly called Wahoos, have had a tough schedule that features an 0-5 mark against ranked opponents.  A major factor behind that is their league worst 59.1 points per game.  They are almost no threat from three-point range, averaging just over four per game.

Defensively, the Hoos are not much better.  They allow 62.6 points per game.  Unlike the Cards, who have been fortunate with Kylee Shook, Bionca Dunham and E Balogun swatting shots, Virginia averages just two blocks per game.

Keep an eye on Jocelyn Willoughby.  The senior leads the ACC with 19.6 points per game.  Willoughby has made 98 free throws and 37 minutes per game are also top in the conference.

Coaches across the league, including Jeff Walz, seem to think she's a "guaranteed next level" player once here collegiate done are done.

Outside of Willoughby, the Wahoos struggle to find players who can score.  Dominique Toussaint, another senior, is averaging 10.1 points per game.

They did earn a pair of wins in conference play this year.  Virginia took down Duke at home in a 66-63 nail biter and defeated Boston College on the road in a 69-52 dominating performance

Louisville owns the series 9-2.  They are 5-0 at home against Virginia.  Last year, Louisville ran away with a 71-49 at Virginia.

If you're not in attendance at the game it looks like this one is on ACC Network Extra as of right now but hopefully a local channel will pick it up.  You can always tune into 790 AM on the radio to listen to the ever wonderful duo in Nick Curran and Adrienne Johnson.

It is 90's night tonight in the KFC YUM! Center.

No doubt we'll hear a lot of Green Day, Alice In Chains, LL Cool J and Beastie Boys on the soundboard. I wonder if Al Greener and the pep band will attempt any Metallica?

Spring Sports Media Day:  Part I

The Spring Sports are rapidly upon us, and, in a few cases, already started.

This year, the Spring Sports Media Days have been divided into two different days. Today, the media will here from Swimming and Diving, Women's Golf, Women's Tennis and Track and Field. Next Thursday, Men's Tennis, Softball, Lacrosse, Men's Golf and Rowing will greet the press.

We'll attend and have all the comments for you here in audio form later today in our Thursday article, Be sure to check back to hear the words from the student-athletes and coaches Arthur Albiero, Whitney Wade Young, Mark Beckham and Dale Cowper. Lunch is at 11:30 and the squads start at noon.






Speaking of food earlier (we got pizza for lunch at the Spring Sports Media Day) Jared has revived an old feature we used to run here at the site:

Bring Back the Burger!

Before I joined the cast here at Cardinal Couple there used to be a feature burger on the site. It was a popular feature, and, people still ask about the possible return of it here at the site.  I will try to pick up that duty for a while... at least until the end of basketball season or so.

One thing I will try to do is focus on either local places or places that have few stores, so no McDonald's, Wendy's, Steak N Shake, etc.

For our first feature I'll focus on a place I regularly go for lunch- Kern's Korner.  The locally owned restaurant on Bardstown Rd near the intersection of Taylorsville Rd is no longer owned by the Kern family, but you can often see them working there. You'll also run into a lot of Cardinal fans there.

Their burger is praised as one of the best in town and goes well with a side of chips.  If you visit let them know that Jared from the bank sent you. If they don't throw you out on your ear, enjoy the meal  !!

Happy Thursday and Go Cards!



  1. Walz preaches one game at a time and no one can be overlooked. Hearing him talk about the flu bug among the players is never good.

    Jocelyn Willoughby is a spectacular player and one of the best guards in the ACC. She's had a good mentor in head coach Tina Thompson, who was WNBA excellence for years.

    I had forgotten about the "burger" sequence and thanks for bringing it back, Jared ! If you get over southern Indiana way for one, I highly recommend you hit Big Four Burgers in New Albany on Main Street over here. I can be found there at least once a month and usually more. Add an egg to your burger, definitely try the sweet potato fries and I tried The Popeye burger for the first time the last time I was in there and who would have thought that spinach on a burger would be so good? You have to get a dill pickle slice also, it's almost un-American to "do" a burger plate without one.

    Curtis "Yes, add cheese, if you please" Franklin

  2. Hey ho! Dave O with you !!

    I never would have thought that the WBB Cards would have been at 18-1 and 7-0 at this point of the season. Especially after seeing Asia, Arica and Sm depart for pro ball.

    Somehow, Walz's squad this here just finds ways to win. They aren't always pretty, nor perfect performances, but, a "W" on the team record slate is a "W", whether it is by 1 or 40.

    Virginia looks to be a squad that is just a couple pieces short of a full checkerboard. Willoughby and Tousaint are great guards, Jablonski can hold her own inside, but they don't have much more to offer.

    If their "well", I expect the Walz squad to get out early (they figured out how to do that again) and maybe get a chance to get deep in the bench.

    Jared, I think maybe RSN or Fox Sports might be picking this one up, the guys calling the men's game last night made mention of such. Of course, check your local listings. I love radio, so I'll probably be listening to Nick and A.J. down here in my garage while I "have a couple" and putter about with my new hobby, finding old furniture and restoring it. My golf game is on hold, docs say the shoulder isn't back to where it should be and a swing could cause damage.

    Obviously, he's seen me play before. All of my swings are potentially dangerous.

    Ah, yes, the Burger segment. Didn't you start that Paulie but drop it because you went on a diet or something? I have to watch my cholesterol (along with half the population) so, my burger consumption isn't nearly what it used to be.

    A good place here in Bradenton, though, is Full Belly Stuffed Burgers. If you don't know where it is, it's stuck in a non-descript strip mall, and you can easily miss it. I know one of the owners, kind of, and I like their bacon, beer and cheddar burger, when I'm feeling risky.

    He'll also make me a grilled portobello mushroom on rye with onions if he has some in stock when I go there. I think I like that just as much. If you get down here, call me, I can make myself available for a free lunch or dinner anytime.

    Dave O.

  3. Bad Wolf Burgers in Lexington ain't bad.

    Spring sports are cool. I like softball and lacrosse more than any of them y'all are covering today.

    Blue Lou

  4. Extremely curious and a smidge nervous about who exactly has the flu. Energy drainer. Could make a huge difference if it's 3 or 4 regulars. Anything less and I'm good with that.

  5. Congratulations to Kylee Shook.
    Named to the Naismith midseason defensive team!

  6. Great article and great media sessions as well. Did that lady really have to go into all the pre-stuff before tennis and swimming? I wanted to hear the questions and answers, not her. Who was that, anyway?

    I don't eat burgers anymore, nor any red meat. A lifestyle choice, I guess.

    Nick O.

    1. Each sports SID did introductions of their sport. Some embellished more than others.

      Try turkey burger, Nick. I've had some daggone fine ones over the years.



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