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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday Cardinal Couple --Baseball, Volleyball and radio...OH, MY !!

Baseball Upside Down Regional

First, let's jump over to the men's side of sports for just a moment.  UofL Baseball and Track and Field are the only UofL sports left with action in the spring.  Track and Field will be back in action with 5 UofL athletes at the National Championships in Austin Texas starting Wednesday.  Baseball, however, is in action this weekend with NCAA Regionals action at Jim Patterson Stadium.

Friday play saw the Cardinals dispatch the University of Illinois - Chicago into the elimination bracket, though not without some drama.  UIC would meet with Indiana, who found themselves unexpectedly facing elimination after losing to Illinois State.  In the elimination game yesterday, Indiana stayed alive and sent UIC back to the Windy City.  In the 1-0 game, however, Illinois State was still riding high in the pumpkin carriage and claimed the upset win over UofL, 4-2.

That means, in this topsy turvy regional competition, the 1 and 2 seeds of the regional, Louisville and Indiana respectively, will be facing each other today at noon with the loser heading home.  The winner will turn around and face the Cinderella 3 seed, ISU, at 6pm.  If Illinois State loses this evening, then the two teams fill face off in the "if necessary" game Monday at 1pm to decide the Regional.  This is the same format as the Softball Regionals, it just is spread out a bit longer because a baseball game takes so much longer to play.

A Volleyball History Addition

Jared shared a bit of the UofL Volleyball program history Friday, and thanks to Sandy for reminding us that a number of the programs at UofL do have history prior to the "official" record books that UofL Athletics keeps, it's just awfully hard to find information on it.

Sarah Drury in 2003
I would like to add one recognition from the mid-2000's that got missed, as well.

Sarah Drury, as she was known at the time, was a stand-out Defensive Specialist for Louisville (this is just before the Libero position was created).  She started as a walk-on player, earned a scholarship her final two years, and after graduating went on to play for the US National Volleyball team from 2003 through 2008.

Sarah is the only player from Louisville to have been named to the main US National Team roster.

Today, we know Sarah as Sarah Drury-Petkovic, and she is the Director of Operations for UofL Volleyball, a position that she has held under both coaches Anne Kordes and current coach Dani Busboom Kelly.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

Paulie and I held down the fort, or mansion, on Mellwood for the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.  Jared was rolling quarters, Case was selling off fescue, and Daryl was gallivanting off to parts unknown.

We brought back an intra-squad edition of the Cardinal Couple quiz, by popular demand.  The theme for the quiz was Volleyball, obviously right in my wheelhouse, so the scoring bar was set pretty high, if I do say so myself.  If you met or beat my score, brag in the comments, because you deserve it.

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  1. Thanks to all of you for taking the huge amount time every publication takes to create but digging into these sports histories is even more difficult time consuming than normal. I am certain that the average reader has no idea the commitment it takes to maintain creating product for this site.

  2. A shout out to this staff and the writers/radio personalities here as well. they are all employed full-time at other things. What we do here is voluntary, non-profit and done "for love of game and sport".

    We don't tease you with "pay for view" links or annual fees. You are UofL women's sports fans like us. Why should we profit off you?

    Being the only knucklehead who isn't punching a clock or having to deal with traffic commutes or fellow employees, I try to accommodate this excellent group of UofL women's sports fans we have writing here and appearing on radio to the best of my abilities.

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