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Monday, June 3, 2019


UofL Women's Sports Programs offer many camps

Let me just be clear here with the title. I'm not inviting our readers to go camping out in the woods or by a lake with the UofL sports programs, although it could be entertaining to hear Jeff Walz leading campers in folk songs around a campfire, see Justine Sowry organizing, finding and gathering fire wood searches or Holly Aprile telling scary ghost stories while toasting marshmallows late at night. 

The programs offer camps to help develop the skills and techniques of the next generation of athletes that will grace college campuses or play on their high school teams in the future. These camps also give the campers a chance to interact and learn from the college student-athletes who play the game, as well as learning and getting advice from the staff and coaches that guide them. Plus, camps can be a great opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests and skills. 

If you're a parent with daughter(s) who have an affinity or love for a certain athletic event or sports, these camps can be very informative and rewarding for increasing your children's skills sets, techniques and knowledge of the game. They can also be quite fun. 

Let's look at a few coming up in the near future.


Justine Sowry, her Field Hockey coaches and players offer two camps in June and one of them starts today. From June 3-6, those budding field hockey players from 5-13 can take part in a fundamentals camp at Trager Stadium. Always a popular event, it gives the younger players a chance to develop their passing, scoring, stick handling, defensive and hitting skills. Another camp will be offered, featuring the same skill set development on  June 10-13. Contact Debbie Bell at 502-852-7616 or debbieb@gocards for more information. 


Jeff Walz and his crew are having a June skills camp for those girls (9th through 12th grade) who want to learn from the UofL staff and players. The camp is on June 19th (which is on a Wednesday) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Student REC Center - 2030 South Fourth Street, Louisville, KY. You can register and/or have any questions answered by contacting Kate Tucker (Louisville WBB Director of operations) at 502-655-0275 or or get more information. Cost is $85. You can also register the day of the camp from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.  More camp information can be accessed at a link we have provided at the bottom of today's article. 


Scott Teeter and the Louisville LAX staff and players are holding a summer one day clinic coming up on Wednesday, June 12th. It's for girls from the 4th. through 12th grades and it's offered as a full day or half day option. Specific position instruction teaching and competition skills are available for that budding laxer in your family. Contact the UofL Lacrosse offices at 502-852-5732 or Coach Teeter at 502-852-4998 for more information on this camp or others being held at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium this well as 
@louisvillelax. Coach Teeter is nationally recognized as one of the best at developing young talent and these camps are an excellent change for those wanting to improve their lacrosse skills with tutoring from the LouLax squad and staff. 


The 2019 Future Cardinals Camp is always a popular camp for the younger soccer players (ages 7-13) and it runs for five days. This year, it'll be held July 15th-19th from 9 a.m. to noon. The camp is designed to foster the skills, abilities and techniques of the younger soccer player is a caring, friendly, competitive and structured environment. There will also be a high school elite skills camp on July 17th. Karen Ferguson Dayes has developed dozens of young players who have gone on to find success at the collegiate level. You can contact UofL WSOC Director of Operations Jing Hughley at 502-852-7547 or for more information or if you have questions. 


Softball will have seven different camps available to athletes from grades 9-12 in June. They start June 12th with the first of three pitching camps and will also encompass fielding a defensive camps for outfielders, infielders and catchers. Holly Aprile, her staff and players are dedicated to sharing their skills and knowledge with the up and coming softball players and if you want to have your high schoolers learn from the best, contact Griffin Joiner at 502-443-2925 or griffin@gocards. Ulmer Stadium is the venue for these excellent chances to learn skills, techniques and have fun and meaningful sessions with the Hit and Pitch Cards and their coaches. 


Dani Busboom Kelly, her staff and players will be offering four camps in June (one starting today) that will cover a wide array of teaching and fundamentals in setting, hitting, serving and defense. These will be held at the SRC and information on these can be obtained with a phone call to Sarah Petkovic at 502-852-3327 or . These are great chances for your budding Wide Net players to learn from those who have excelled at the college level and pick up those skills that will help propel them into next-level success. 

Don't see your youngster's sport of interest listed in the six-pack above? Not to worry! For a full list of UofL Summer Camps for Cardinal Athletics, you can go to the handy information link below.


Answers for questions about lodging, equipment needed, costs and transportation can
be accessed there as well. 

Having witnessed some of these camps over the years, I can confidently and whole-heartedly give an endorsement for the knowledge available and competition encountered at the UofL Summer Camps. Budding talent can always use direction, focus, encouragement, training and skill-set emphasis to augment it, and you'll find that at the UofL camps. 

Let's go camping this summer, young Cardinal fans! I'll stay out of the canoe and promise not to burn the s'mores...but can't guarantee I won't get lost in the woods.  

Have a marvelous Monday! 



  1. I can tell you my niece had big time fun and learned a lot at one of the WSOC camps a few years ago. She also made a friend there who was her age and both of them are now planning on trying out for their high school teams this fall.

    Parents, send your kids camping.

  2. Just a personal recognition on the first camp I ever attended. It was a basketball skills camp held by no other than Bobby Knight and his staff and players. Some hot-shot young IU player named Isiah Turner was trying to teach me dribbling skills and guarding me. I stepped back during one of these sessions and drilled a jumper on him, much to the delight of my fellow campers and IU players. Coach Knight just shook his head and grinned.

    Camps are great, readers, not only for the skills learned but for the memories made.

    Curtis "High hopes, no potential" Franklin

  3. Really surprised that the powers to be didn't adjust the starting date(s) of some of these camps since JCPS is still in session. Cut out a huge number of potential participants.


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