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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Softball Wins Awards and Begins ACC Tournament -- Women's Golf Finishes up Regional Play -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Softball Earns Three Conference Awards

Three Louisville softball players received recognition with ACC awards yesterday.  Pitcher Megan Hensley and shortstop Sidney Melton were named to the All-ACC first team and second baseman Maddy Newman was named to the All-ACC freshman team.

This is Hensley's second appearance on the All-ACC team after earning the honors in 2016.  She has played a crucial role on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.  However, she does prefer hitting over pitching and would step up to the plate if she could only choose one.  Melton makes her first appearance on the conference team.  She is perfect in stolen bases this year and has crossed the plate a team-high 19 times.  Newman filled in early in the season at second base and would not surrender that position.  She has had one of the top rookie
performances by a Louisville player since the university parted ways with the Big East.  All three players will be returning to Louisville's roster next season.

Florida State claimed a majority of the major awards by taking Player of the Year (Jessie Warren) Pitcher of the Year (Kylee Hanson), and Freshman of the Year (Sydney Sherrill).  Holly Aprile of Pittsburgh took home Coach of the Year.

Louisville Softball Begins ACC Tournament

Desperately needing something to draw the NCAA Tournament committee's eyes this direction the 8-seeded Louisville softball team hopes to make a run in the ACC Tournament.  The Cards bused to Atlanta yesterday and will face 9-seeded Syracuse in one of the play-in games.  The winner will face 1-seeded Florida State.

The Cards finished 10-12 in conference play this season, well below the coaches' preseason predictions of finishing fourth.  I thought they could finish as high as second or third, but the Cards never did piece everything together.

The Cards lead the all-time series with Syracuse 21-10 with most of those games being played when the two teams were conference rivals in the Big East.  This season the teams are 1-1 against each other this year after the third game of the series was canceled due to inclement weather.

Today's game is set for 1:00 p.m., and can be viewed online on Watch ESPN.  Hopefully we might see a local station such as Fox Sports South pick it up for tv viewing.

Women's Golf Enters Final Day of Play in Seventh

Enjoying the sun and beautiful weather out in San Francisco the women's golf team is sitting in a tie for seventh place and just one stroke out of sixth.  The Cards shot a 6-over-par 294 yesterday and are 5-over-par 581 throughout the whole event so far.

Lauren Hartlage and Delaney Shah both shot an even-par of 72 yesterday to lead the way.  Hartlage is tied for 12th overall and Shah sits in a tie for 38th.  Olivia Cason is tied for 29th after struggling in the second round.

The top six teams from each region advance to the NCAA Championships in Stillwater, O.K., so the Cards do have a little bit of work cut out for them.  Louisville will need to make up their one-stroke deficit and hopefully will pull ahead further from their own success or have North Carolina and Oklahoma State struggle on the final day of events.

A trip to the NCAA Championships would mark the program's second trip with the other coming in 2008.

What is Today?

Picture from the Hitchcock
classic "VERTIGO". 
If your kids are feeling energetic they can bike to school today.  It is also national school nurse day, and believe me, with what they deal with they deserve at least a week of recognition, especially with the Hep A outbreak going on around town.  For you film critics Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo premiered on this day in 1958.  We can also wish Billy Joel a happy birthday today.  I saw him start a fire one time, but I know no one will believe me.

With Minout "Minnie" Mink leaving UofL for good and returning home I was hoping to get a video interview with her before she left, but the filed hockey star procrastinated on packing a wee bit too much so we are in the works of an alternative.  Be on the lookouts to see what the Mink has to say about her time as a Cardinal and her time in the states as well as what her "walk-up" song would be. Probably not anything Billy Joel sang or wrote?

Happy Wednesday and Go Cards!

- Jared -


  1. Poor softball. Even if they get by Syracuse, they will have to face FSU. I don't follow the sport as closely as others on campus but it seems to me that they just haven't been able to achieve much over the past few years. It leads to the question:

    Do they need to go in another direction coaching wise?

    I'll toss it out there for thought and discussion.

    Curtis "Not In the Circle but Gets Around" Franklin

    1. I'll be the first to come to the defense of the current coaches and Sandy Pearsall here. Sandy started the program. She suffered some key injuries this year and was hit heavily by graduation. When you look at what's returning next year for the Softball Cards, there's a lot of good talent coming back.

      Yes, they lose Pufahl in center and Jordan behind the plate...but when you look at the gist of the starters from this season, many return. Megan Hensley, Maddy Newman, Blaire Bass, Danielle Watson, Caitlin Ferguson, Celine Funke and Kyra Snyder.

      There will be several from this year's team that will get a chance to shine. The Schindler sisters. The "Madisons" Cousineau and Ciaccio. Darriane Hale and Jordyn Wolfe.

      I'll admit, my on-site softball coverage this season was limited, however...Jared and Jeff filled in admirably and the thought process here is that Pearsall and staff will bring in some big names as freshmen and the team will be competitive in the ACC in 2019.


    2. Building off of this comment threat I think the small army of pitchers that came in this year wasn’t quite ready for collegiate level ball. Megan did a lot of the work along this season while Snyder and Watson have both seen a lot of tjme. Watson battled an injury mid season and not freshmen struggled on the mental side of things.

      Melton played all season but don’t forget she’s only 14 months out of her second ACL tear (same leg). Pufahl had a minor ankle/foot injury early during conference season that benched her for a game and still had effects for a couple weeks after.

      There were a lot of newbies to play a fair amount of time this season: Newman, Ciaciao, Snyder, Watson, and Wolfe. Both Schindlers and Barber also came in as pinch runners quite often.

      The speed is there. The preparedness for this level of ball is not. I think next season should have a solid improvement. My only concern is the usage of slap hitters. Having grown up playing baseball I’m not a slap hitter fan but I do understand the style of play. Having four in the starting lineup is a bit too much. Slap hitting does very little with multiple runners on and trying to score them.

  2. How huge would it be for Louisville golf to make the NCAA Championships! Anything can happen in a round of golf...if you don't believe me, ask fellow duffer David Watson. Here's hoping that the putt drop and the drives are straight and long for Louisville Women's Golf today.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  3. Shoni last night got seven minutes, one shot that was a three and missed, a foul and two turnovers. Got to wonder if she makes the roster for the Liberty.


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