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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Catching Up with Jeff Walz -- Baseball enters ACC Tournament today -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Paulie was able to catch up with the extremely busy head coach of the Louisville women's basketball team yesterday, Jeff Walz, and catch up with the affable Cards skipper on what's been going on with him since the 2017-18 season ended. 

As you listen to the interview below, you'll hear that: 

-- Coach has been doing some travelling since Columbus...both coaching related and taking some time off with family. 

-- Coach also discusses three of his players, who are now part of WNBA rosters. 

-- Coach talks about the grade point average of the team, the highest since he's been there, and the work that the players had to do to get it during an extremely busy time for the squad. 

-- Coach is working on an extended contract with Louisville. Hear the updates on that procedure. 

-- Coach's review of the 2017-18 season. 

We appreciate Coach Walz spending considerable time with us, in our "Catching Up" series and giving us an update on how things have been going.  



With Louisville Baseball about to begin their ACC Tournament appearance and so few sports left with work to do on campus, we thought we'd take a look at what is ahead for them. 

The ACC has this funky pool play system, where they take the top 12 ACC baseball playing teams and put them in four pools. No, not the wading kind or the ones at a country club...but four competitive pools where you have to have the best record in your poll in the games you play against each of the other two teams in your pool.

 Boston College and Virginia Tech, the other two teams that play ACC baseball, were thirteenth and fourteenth in the league standings and left out of the pools. I guess they'll go on a hike or maybe a nice drive in the country. Maybe a picnic. 

And no rambunctious splashing or diving in shallow water! folks in the pool...

The Cards have Wake Forest and Duke in their pool, and that has to be some "hot" water with the Blue Devils and Demon Deacons. UofL would need to go 2-0 as the #5 seed to advance to the semifinals, where more action awaits. If they beat the "satanic" members of their pool, they go into a four-team, single elimination tournament. If the Cards were to tie (1-1) in their pool play (and can we get a beach ball or snorkel here?) with Duke, then Duke advances, because they are the #4 seed. 

Confused yet? Welcome to the club. 

Such nonsense, fortunately, hasn't invaded softball yet. 

Good luck to the Cards, who play their first pool game today (we like "Marco Polo") at 11 a.m. The Cards get #9 seed Wake Forest first. They're playing these contests in Durham, NC and that is a huge advantage, one would think, for Duke. I wonder if there is a baseball version of the "Cameron Crazies"? 

Some games have already been played in the pool. You can follow the action and see the results at this link:  ACC Baseball Tournament.  The games are being shown on RSN on your local cable provider. Here in the "Ville" that usually means Fox Sports South. 

Play ball! Hit the pool! (And no running on the wet pavement!) I'm going for a steam, sauna and whirlpool. I hope I beat the two other guys that are in the pool to the "good" jets...




  1. Nice interview Paulie! Good to hear that Coach Walz is remaining to task even if the board approval has been slow to come about. Given the a$$holes on the board, let's hope our new UofL president comes in and cleans house on the BOT. Grissom needs to go play croquet somewhere.

    Curtis "very bored with this board" Franklin.

  2. Great interview with coach! It’s also a delight to hear what he has to say. One thing that impresses me with Walz is how important academics are. He emphasizes that to his players constantly and will go out of his way to make sure that they have the resources they need to succeed.

  3. Sounded like a nice easy chat between you two Paulie. Thanks for sharing it with us and I do hope that UofL realizes and is grateful for what they have in Jeff. There's a lot of schools who would take him "jut like that".

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

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