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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Track, WBB and The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour -- Sunday Cardinal Couple

Track and Field

Still around...still winning. 
Quirky fact: If you've ever looked at the list of sports at and wondered how UofL comes up with 23 sports in which they compete in, the answer is Track and Field.  No, Track is not considered a separate sport to Field, but in the NCAA worldview, Indoor Track and Field is considered a separate sports from Outdoor Track and Field.

This weekend was the UK Invitational for Indoor Track and Field.  Friday saw throwing events, and yesterday saw a broader slate of events across the spectrum of the sport.

Louisville saw a little success on Friday, with Makenli Forrest and Carson Cassell finishing in 6th and 8th places, respectively, in the weight throw.

In action yesterday, we immediately have to issue a correction to something that was said yesterday on the radio show...

Emmonnie Henderson, who we mistakenly said had graduated, won the shot put with a throw of
16.35 meters.  Meanwhile, over at the high jump, Javen Reeves, and Jerin Allen finished 1st and 2nd with jumps of 2.15 meters...which to my mind seems like a tie, but somehow Reeves was awarded 1st place and Allen 2nd.  I can only surmise what the tie-breaker is in this case...perhaps the number of jumps required to clear the height?  If anyone has info on how this works, I'd love to know.

Alexis Gibbons and Teague Peck both picked up 2nd place finishes.  Gibbons in the long jump with a distance of 5.93 meters, and Peck in the 400 meter run crossing the line in 48.31 seconds.

Marcus Jegede and Devin Valentine picked up 3rd place finishes in the long jump and triple jump.  Jegede leaped 7.28 meters, while Valentine took a couple of extra hops and reached 15.15 meters.

Congratulations to all of the Cardinals, both men and women, that represented the University well down in Lexington.

Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

The studio was down a couple of contributors yesterday, with Case bowing out of the radio show due to illness causing vocal issues, while the studio dog, Punkin, wasn't able to join us either.  We soldiered on, despite not getting our requisite dose of pooch pettings, and I think had a pretty good show.  Paulie, myself, and JC "no periods" Sullivan, got the opening sections completely out of order, but did eventually get everything accomplish, and then had a great discussion about the UofL Women's Basketball team, continuing to bask in the glow of Thursday's win over Notre Dame.  We did a quick rundown of new coaching announcements in Lacrosse, Volleyball, and Women's Golf, and we spent a little bit of time breaking down the recent effort to educate CardNation on Twitter not to call the women's sporting teams at UofL the "Lady Cards".  Listen through to the end to catch the latest update from UofL's success in the Manager Games...yes, that's a thing, and yes, UofL is doing quite well.

You should be able to find the recording, when it shows up, at



  1. Showed a bit of "manager games" yesterday during a break in the, maybe Kansas/Kansas State game on TV. Was in a restaurant and found it especially interesting right after the CC radio discussion.

  2. Surprised to know Emmonnie is still on campus.

  3. The Bird Lady1/15/2018 12:26 AM

    Emmonnie did graduate but still has eligibility left. Not sure how that works as I thought she had done 4 years of Track, but maybe not indoor when she was playing ball because they conflicted time wise? Makes sense since ncaa considers indoor and outdoor separate. Hmmm?

  4. On the High Jump, you get 3 misses or fouls per height. Both jumpers could go no higher than 2.15 meters they each had three fouls at the next height. All other jumpers had already been eliminated at lower heights. The deciding factor between first and second was fewest total fouls at the lower heights.

    Same applies to pole vault.



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