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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bigger than the loss...the Cardinal attitude -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


It was bound to happen. Only the most optimistic fan believed the University of Louisville women's basketball team would have a perfect season. I predicted the first loss would be a close one against UConn. Unfortunately, the loss can three weeks early and against a very talented FSU team. It was a game that neither team seemed to want to win instead of one team losing. And, if Durr's three DOES go in at the end, if any one the easy layups that were missed drop through the net and...well, pick your scenario...but the bottom line is that FSU scored one more points and gets the "W". 

Louisville led for almost 27 minutes in a 40 minute contest. FSU had the lead for about nine minutes and the game was tied for four.  Tuesday morning vision is clearer and more objective -- it always is two days after a loss -- and I'm glad I didn't have Monday's write up here. Paulie did a great job with the article. 

I was emotionally spent after the game. As I made my way from the seats to the post-game media conference I was able to watch players stand to greet fans for pictures and autographs. More than one Cardinal was wiping tears from their eyes. They did it, though. 

They smiled as they did the post-game greet. That is the most important thing to remember about Sunday. The players were there, putting aside their pain...disappointment and heartbreak...for the fans. For the little girls who weren't judging them on the events of the last two hours but that were still devote. Still anxious to see their heroes, their favorites. I thought about how hard it had to be for the players to do that. They were there for the kids. Kids who weren't judging them for the loss. They were just happy to pose with their favorite player.

I couldn't help taking away with me the thought that although this wasn't easy, it might also be cathartic. I know it brought me an even deeper respect for this team. Paulie mentioned that he watched Sam Fuehring standing at half court, emotionally distraught and being comforted by a teammate and it made him realize that life can sometimes be so heart-wrenching and unfair but, in the end, the sun did come up Monday, the schedule hasn't been cancelled and...hold your head up, Sam. These things, too, shall pass. 


While a lot of the Louisville fan base spent Monday waiting for the sanctioning decision to be released and discussing the football coaching departures, the latest AP Poll was released for NCAA women's basketball. 

Louisville dropped from #2 in the nation to #4. Unbeaten UConn and Mississippi St. remain #1 and #2. I wonder about that. After all, has everyone forgotten that it was the Bulldogs that sent home UConn in the NCAA Final Four last year? They lost in the all-SEC final to South Carolina... but got one game further than Geno and the Huskies. 

Baylor checks in at #3. 17-1 and featuring two of the best tall girls in NCAA basketball in Lauren Cox and Kalani Brown. 

The #4 spots feel about right for the Cards. FSU jumped to #8 and I felt like they should be above #7 Oregon. That's based on a comparison of how Louisville played both schools. Interesting that South Carolina is #9 and Tennessee is #10. With A'ja Wilson back, I don't expect the Gamecocks to stay there long. As for the Vols, the annual hot start and fade into the pack has begun again. 

ESPN Bracketology still ranks the Cards as a #1 seed in one of the four regions. The Lexington one...which would please a lot of Cardinal fans if they can maintain it. There is a lot of basketball to be played, of course, and projections can change. Let's not forget that the NCAA Selection Committee is NOT one and the same as ESPN Bracketology and results may vary. 


Both Louisville basketball teams are headed to Miami

The men and women go to warmer climates...Padgett's players take on the Canes on Wednesday evening and then the quick turnaround for the women and Miami at 11 a.m. Thursday. 

Why 11 a.m.? The early start is due to an elementary school promotion where the "kids and Canes" team up for a game. I expect the stands will be packed (maybe larger than the 1000 or so normal UofM WBB attendance numbers) with screaming kids for no specific reason , cotton candy and excitement about this extended recess from the ABC's and multiplication tables. 

The 'Canes are 14-6 on the season and on a three game win streak, dispatching of Boston College in Chestnut Hill last time out by 22. Miami features (4) foreign players...two from the Netherlands and one each from Denmark and Belgium. Louisville is 3-1 all-time against UofM...losing way back in 1989 and winning the last three. Last year, Louisville took a hard fought 63-59 win in the KFC YUM! Center...Mariya Moore getting 24 points. 

Adrienne Motley is gone, finally graduated. Emese Hof and Laura Cornelius are injured but "the strong winds" are still capable of creating adverse flying conditions for the visiting Birds. The ACC Network Extra will have the Internet coverage. 


It was "We Back Pat" Day also on Sunday for the WBB game. Both teams had pullovers for the occasion. Jared Anderson caught the players in them with his "magic camera" for us.

(Note: Just to make it perfectly clear...the "Pat" is long-time Vols coach, the late Pat Summit, not former jockey Pat Day. Both were pioneers in their sports, Pat Summit changed WBB. ) 

Julie Sullivan 


  1. Time to forget it, quit dwelling on it and get ready for the next one. Learn the lessons that you have to about it and play the next one. It's a game. The events in Marshall County this morning are much more serious, sad and our hearts go out to the victims families over this senseless and tragic shooting.


    1. Agreed. So sorry to hear of the Marshall County mess. Hope everyone involved can find healing, peace and solace.

  2. It's time to Unleashed AC let Go give her the green light also give Bianca Dunham more time.
    Cards starting bigs playing to many min.
    Urgent SYD alert where syd where we need syd!
    NOTE: Arica Carter playing great defense she should be rewarded.(love that LA girl).
    One of Wade's Quotes come on Coach give the bench more PT!
    Go Cards beat the Canes!!!

  3. This is off topic and may have been covered a while back
    ASIA TAYLOR makes Australian League All Star 5 Team. (apparently only 5 players get selected) Courtney Williams also made it of Conn Sun.
    Asia's Sydney team had a terrific year making the semi-finals. Asia had an even better season than last year.
    Go to Asia's twitter page and a few tweets down it will show some highlights why she made the All Star team

    It is totally hilarious because of the Australian announcer. Dig around for it . Believe me its worth it.


      Think this is the link

    2. A-Tayy had a wonderful year and plans on make a difference for Washington's WNBA season starts in May.

  4. Hey Sammy, you shouldn't be distraught. When you missed on that pass in the last seconds it wasn't really a bad pass. What was shocking is you are getting so good it's surprising when any of your passes don't connect. That's how well you're playing. Keep it up!

  5. A big shout to Coach Jeff Walz his doing a superb job recurring with the like of Baylor, UConn ,Notre Dame & all the other power House schools. He's 0-2 against the greatest women's basketball coach of all times that's right Geno Auriemma. He also changed the culture of Louisville women's basketball,Recruit on CJW recruit on.

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  7. That eliminated 90% of my activity


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