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Thursday, August 17, 2017

We, The Future...Field Hockey Gets Underway -- THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The University of Louisville has a new branding, marketing and motivational logo and it is WE, THE FUTURE. You'll see the phrase a lot in various venues on campus in the future. In the newly renovated Cardinal Arena Saturday night. At Lynn Stadium and Trager Stadium tomorrow. On T-Shirts, billboards and stationary. Tom Jurich is quick to point out, though, it isn't just about athletics. It sweeps the broad spectrum of life at Louisville. Academics, job placement, fan involvement and philosophy of thought for the University. 

Tom Jurich poses a question to his coaches, staff, administrators...just about anyone associated with the school.  It is: 

"When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself what you can do to get better today"?

It is a question we could all ask ourselves. it is a thought process that can only help the campus, school and community go forward and ahead after what has been a rough and sometimes troubling past two years at UofL. We won't go into that here today, we all know what has gone wrong. We'll put on the company hat, fall in line and promote the brand. 

I look at the phrase "We, The Future" and apply it to CARDINAL COUPLE as well. We've reached new heights here at the site and radio show. We've added new, young and talented writers to our site and to our show. We have a stable of eager and willing associates that are happy to join in whenever we desire their input, ideas and commentary on sports at UofL. For me, it is a beautiful thing. When we established the idea of Cardinal Couple back in was to give another voice to the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports. We've had our rough patches as well in the past. 

There were times when I wondered and asked myself if it was worth it. Fortunately there were always people who provided encouragement and positive inspiration for us to carry on. Today, I can't help but look at the now...and the a proud parent does at a growing child. I can confidently say that I am positive about the future and know that we will be here long after my days of filling these pages have past. That's something special and good to know. 

We, The Future. A look at what is to be. Not that the past was all the bad, mind you. The names Lamar Jackson, Teddy Bridgewater, Mallory Comerford, Brendan McKay, Kelsi Worrell, Edwin Kibichy, Asia Durr, Myisha Hines-Allen, Ayeshia McFerran and Maryssa Becker are just a few of the many that have thrilled us with their athletic exploits in the past and will continue either on the field of play or in their post-graduate pursuits. 

We, The Future. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Let's all be a part of that future and make it the best possible. You keep producing Cards...and we'll continue to talk about it.



We'll get our first look at UofL Field Hockey tomorrow when they start their exhibition season against Miami (OH) at 1:30 p.m. in Trager Stadium. Justine Sowry is excited for the future and she has every reason to be. 13 key players return for addition to a very talented freshmen class. The Cards were 15-6 last year and made their third consecutive NCAA appearance. 

Carter Ayers, Hollyn Barr, Maria Gomez, Abby Grimes, Isabella Leeker, Ayeshia McFerran, Minout Mink, Whena Munn, Marigrace Ragsdale, Bethany Russ, Taylor Stone, Katie Walsh and Nicole Woods all saw action last year. Several of them saw action over the summer on various USA and International teams and competitions. They are a solid group to build on.  

When you add the talents of 10 impressive freshmen...Elizabeth Allgeier (Louisville Assumption), Alli Bitting, Ann Marie Habelow, Annie Mulford, Mercedes Pastor, Marisa Martin Pelegrina, Sarah Sabaloski, Meghan Schneider, Jillian Shive and Madison Walsh (no relation to Katie) have the nucleus of a team that can be on hand as a participant when the NCAA Championships are held here in November. 

Miami (OH) is the first victim. Here are a few things I'll look for in the exhibition: 

Minnie in the middle. No heels on
the pitch, please! 
-- Run Minnie Run. Minout Mink is one of the fastest and prolific scorers I've seen for UofL Field Hockey. I'll be watching her and seeing if she gets a few breakaway opportunities. Does she avoid the sophomore slump and start her quest to average two goals a game that our Jared Anderson boldly predicted a few weeks ago? She, the future? We think she just might be. 

-- Ailing Ayeshia? There has been some chatter that All-American goalkeeper Ayeshia McFerran may not be active this weekend due to a nagging injury. That will thrust Hollyn Barr into action for The Flock. Coach Sowry, Marigrace Ragsdale, Abby Grimes and Taylor Stone all assured Worldwide and I at the Fall Sports Media Day that Hollyn was well up to the task and she had been one of the standouts in early practices. 

-- We got a Mercedes -- Mercedes Pastor comes to campus from Buenos Aires, Argentina with a lot of hype and history.  She was a starter and leading scorer for the Argentinian U 21 team that won the 2016 Patagonian Cup. She says she picked UofL for the engineering education opportunities at The Speed School. That ought to bring a grin to Case and Worldwide's faces here at CARDINAL COUPLE and let's hope the high scoring mid-fielder/forward can engineer a few goals on the Belknap Campus. 

Fall Sports. Coming at ya in waves this weekend. Worldwide will be tracking the Attack Yorkies. I'll be plotting questions for three different coaches. Case will be avidly tracking the Kickin' Cards and Jared...well, Jared will be all over all of it. It's time. Are you ready? 



  1. An interesting concept but one that makes sense. Why dwell on the past. A list of those athletes in the article is very impressive. And, Minnie Mink is a looker! Is she American or European?

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. She is from The Netherlands. She's also listed as 5'5" she doesn't qualify for Worldwide's revisited "Attack Yorkie" height requirement for Field Hockey and a few other sports beside hoops.


  2. What? No coverage of Nalyssa Smith 6'4" visiting UofL this weekend or Aquira DeCosta coming in for the Clemson game? C'mon Couple. Give us the news.

    1. Certainly important things, yes...but I think Smith has like nine schools on her list and DeCosta five. Maybe one of the guys will pick up on it over the weekend and write about it. I felt We, The Future and the Field Hockey opener were the way to go today. I will keep an eye out for her at the various events this weekend, though. She shouldn't be hard to miss at 6'4"


  3. I am still a fan of the Louisville First, Cards Forever L1C4 logo and probably won't change on that. That doesn't mean I'm not against the new thing. I finally got the hand sign language down for L1C4 and they change it. How wll I flash We, The Future with my fingers?

    Curtis "whatever happened to 'It's Happening Here?" Franklin

  4. Don't forget women's Soccer Friday night also at 7:30 against Boston U. I am seeing that this will be shown on ACC Network Extra so you Cards fans out of town can watch.

    1. Yes indeed! Still waiting confirmation on whether our buddy Daryl Foust got the assignment or not. She is scheduled to be one of our guests on The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Saturday morning...along with the Louisville Cardinal student newspaper sports editor Dalton Ray.


  5. I'm ambivalent on the "We, The Future" thing. I can already hear my UK-fan friends talking about U of L trying to forget the past, if you know what I mean. I'm sure that Matt Jones is already all over that.

    As far as the site is concerned, I loved it when I first found it years ago. All of the additions (writers, radio, etc.) have just made it better. Hope the future shows even more good things.

  6. Yeah.Already out there is We, The Futile. Dern Cat Fans...


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